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Ji Ham Bo (智函褓) Packaging Service

Ji Ham Bo, meaning a box and cloth containing wisdom, is an exclusive gift wrapping service available only at the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store.
Pure refinement, without a hint of ostentatious, every element of our gift wrapping service embodies Sulwhasoo's dedication to bringing you fortune and express our utmost respect for your patronage.

Free Gift Wrapping Service

With Sulwhasoo's signature color, deep amber, as its basic motif, ribbons which originated from the Hanbok bow and Sulwhasoo's unique patterns are used for the design.
Sulwhasoo's refined, modern taste has brought life into the reinterpretation of oriental beauty.

Paid Gift Wrapping Service

This special gift wrapping for your special day such as wedding or holidays symbolizes dignity and our dedication represent our dedicated service to you.
Throughout history, the wrapping cloth has been considered an expression of one's best wishes for those who receive the present.
The cloth is available in five colors along with different knots and accessories, all epitomizing the dignity and value of Sulwhasoo.

Wrapping service for wedding presents

Red and blue have long represented Ying and Yang, respectively, and are also seen as helping to prevent evils. So they are perfect for weddings, and Sulwhasoo utilizes its insights to offer a special wrapping service for wedding presents.
Hee ‘囍,’ the Chinese character meaning happiness, and plum blossoms are embroidered on the silk wrapping cloth to express the feelings of the sender in a delicate and beautify way.

  • Contact: 02-541-9270

Holistic Beauty Service

This service is designed to let customers experience the Sulwhasoo brand seeking a holistic approach to beauty.
Based on ‘Holistic Balance Inquiry’, the in-depth counseling method of Sulwhasoo, customers can experience one of the following services: eye ritual called ‘Holistic Golden Eye Touch’, hand ritual called ‘Holistic Ginseng & Jade Touch’ or scent ritual called ‘Holistic Scent Touch’.

  • Available through reservations except on Mondays
  • Each service takes about 60 minutes
  • Customers may choose to experience only one type of Touch a day
  • Contact: 02-541-9270

Guided Tour

The flagship store offers tours for visitors, enabling them to experience the journey of beauty.
Experience Sulwhasoo with your five senses at our Boutique, Spa, and Culture Lounge.

  • Guided tours start at 15:00 and 18:00 every day (duration: 40 minutes, not available on the second Monday of every month, New Year's Holiday and Chuseok)
  • Advanced reservations are highly recommended.
  • To schedule a group tour of more than 10 people, please make a reservation at least a day before the visit.
  • Contact: 02-541-9270

VIP Service

Tea and refreshments as well as customized shopping services are available to Sulwhasoo Flagship Store VIP customers. There are also regular Sulwhasoo beauty and cultural classes.

  • Contact: 02-541-9270