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Wishing you a Warm Holiday

Sulwhasoo holiday limited edition gift sets Holiday Limited Edition

Sulwhasoo holiday limited edition gift sets Holiday Limited Edition

Only from November, 2017 to January, 2018

During holidays, people in many countries across Asia write down their wishes on lanterns with their loved ones and release the lighted lanterns into the night sky or float them on the rivers. Sulwhasoo has incorporated the mystical beauty of lanterns into the ‘Holiday Limited Edition’, conveying a message of hope and good luck. Sulwhasoo’s ‘Holiday Limited Edition’ delivers the mystic splendor unique to Asia with the packaging design evoking the night sky graced with the floating star-like lanterns. Send your loved ones joy and happiness with a variety of gift sets including Sulwhasoo’s globally best-selling signature products.

Beginning of holistic beautyThe Scent Collection Set

Awaken your inner senses with Sulwhasoo’s signature scents and experience the essence of holistic beauty with a reasonable price.
Scent of First Peace and Scent of Plum Blossom, two modern interpretations of traditional Korean scents.

First Peace Holiday Limited

The refreshing scent and elegance of First Peace
Hand Cream (40ml) evokes the clean coolness of
a forest at dawn, placing the beauty of peaceful
relaxation in your skin. First Peace Candle (30g)
helps correct energy imbalance
to restore calmness.

Plum Blossom Holiday Limited

With an elegant scent that embraces the
pure vitality of white plum blossoms,
Plum Blossom Hand Cream (40ml) presents
your skin a positive energy, while the subtle
Plum Blossom Candle (30g) helps revitalize the
tired body and mind.

A special way to end the yearThe Bestseller Set

A special mask trio, makeup set, and an anti-aging set for men.
Complete your holiday with specially chosen sets of our bestselling products that also include additional mini collections.

Mask Trio Holiday Limited

The Mask Trio Holiday Limited offers true
relaxation for your skin in a special package
comprising Sulwhasoo’s three signature masks.
Formulated with Jade’s energy, the Radiance
Energy Mask (30ml) helps purify your skin
overnight. The Overnight Vitalizing Mask (50ml)
provides rich moisture and nourishment for
a healthier glowing look. And the Clarifying
Mask (50ml) is a peel-off mask that helps
remove impurities for a smoother looking skin.

Perfecting Cushion EX Holiday Limited

Create your own rejuvenated makeup look
with a special holiday makeup set in a uniquely
luxurious golden package that includes
Sulwhasoo’s signature Perfecting Cushion EX
(15g*2), Makeup Balancer (4ml) for healthier
looking skin base, and an Essential Lip Serum
Stick (1.1g) with a natural hue.
Perfecting Cushion EX
Makeup Balancer
No.1 Light Pink
Essential Lip Serum Stick
No.8 Soft Rose

Sulwhasoo Men Holiday Limited Gift Set

Get a special anti-aging solution for men with
a set that includes Inner Charging Serum (140ml),
Sulwhasoo Men’s signature product, and
Refreshing Cleansing Foam (30ml), cleansing
foam for daily scrubs and cleansing.

A premium gift from your heartThe Luxury Set

A chance to meet Sulwhasoo’s signature First Care Activating Serum EX with other Essential Line products.
Express your gratitude for the loved ones with a full 3-step skin care experience from balance, basics to improvement.

First Care Activating Serum EX
Holiday Limited

Sulwhasoo’s signature skincare set for a
healthy, radiant skin. The set consists of First Care
Activating Serum EX (90ml), the boosting essence
infused with JAUM Balancing Complex™ to help
skin recover from imbalances, Essential Balancing
Water (15ml), a toner that hydrates the skin,
Essential Balancing Emulsion (15ml),
a lotion that smoothens the skin, and Essential
Firming Cream EX (15ml), the cream
infused with JISUN Firming Complex™ that
rebuilds and fortifies skin’s Firming Net.