Innerise Complete Mask
  • Innerise Complete Mask


Innerise Complete Mask

A mask formulated with traditional Korean herbs that densify the skin to improve its radiance, texture, and contour.

  • Capacity : 10sheets

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Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

- Yeongsil Complex, formulated to activate the skin densifying factors, densifies your skin to revive its radiance, texture, and contour.
- The mask is shaped to fit snugly on the face allowing the rich nutrients to absorb evenly, restoring the skin’s resilience and plumpness with its moisturizing properties.

How to Use

Use the mask two times a week before applying Innerise Complete Serum. Remove mask after twenty minutes of application. Gently pat the skin to help the remaining essence absorb after removal. (Refer to the back of the mask packaging for more details.)

Skincare Tips

  1. step 1 Unfold mask and remove film on one side. (The mask can be applied from either side.)

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  2. step 2 Attach the mask to your face by aligning the mask with the location of your eyes, nose, and mouth while holding the cheekbone area of the mask with your fingers. Then, lift up the forehead part of the mask and attach it to your face.

    step 2, image preview

  3. step 3 Hold mask with one hand and remove netted backing with another hand.

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  4. step 4 Gently press with fingers so that mask attaches to face. When essence on mask is absorbed (approx. 20 minutes), remove mask and gently pat with your palms and fingers to penetrate excess liquid.

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