First Peace Candle
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First Peace Candle

A scented candle formulated with traditional Korean herbs to bring balance and peace to your life.

  • Capacity : 210g

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

This scented candle is based on 100% natural soy wax and is enhanced with the scent of pine refresh and clarify your mind, the spicy frankincense to energize you, the patchouli to comfort you with a deep and warm fragrance, and clove to bring your body and mind back to peaceful condition.

How to Use

How to Use and Precautions
Natural wax is sensitive to temperature and may crack or form white derivatives on the surface.
This is not a sign of defect.

· When the flame reduces, remove wax drippings. If it causes soot, cut off the wick.
· Do not use on appliances or furniture that are weak against fire.
· Always remove the label and tag on the product to eliminate the risk of fire.
· Do not use where wax drippings may cause discoloration, breakdown, or contamination.
· Always put out the candle when you go to sleep or leave home.
· Do not use for abnormal purposes.
· The candle may be caught on fire when used near inflammables.
· Store and use away from the reach of children and pets.
· Always ventilate and never leave the candle unattended when it is lit.