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Snow – Sul (雪) , Flower – Wha (花), Phenomenal – Soo (秀)

Like the exquisite allure of a winter blossom in the snow

As winter recedes, the plum blossom debuts. Delicate and resilient, it springs forth through with a subtle and sensual grace, its delicate fragrance lingering in the air. We treasure its unique vitality, summoning it for the natural beauty of Sulwhasoo.


Sulwhasoo’s Natural Beauty From Harmony and Balance

Harmony of Nature and Human

Nature is our source of true beauty, and we are one with it. Sulwhasoo believes in a holistic approach to skincare, harmonizing our natural beauty with ancient Asian wisdom and restoring the delicate equilibrium between body and mind.

Harmony and Balance

True beauty flows from a clear and positive mind. Sulwhasoo pursues a holistic beauty that carefully treats our inner and outer beauty.

Holistic Beauty

Holistic beauty with Asian wisdom

The 18-hour secret to finding the skin’s perfect balance JAUM Balancing ComplexTM

The JAUM Balancing ComplexTM is Sulwhasoo’s unique solution designed to supplement yin energy, helping to reverse aging and restore the skin’s balance. It was created from a deep understanding of the Donguibogam’s profound wisdom, which taught us that women experience physical change in seven-year cycles that disturb our yin and yang balance and accelerate the aging process. The JAUM Balancing ComplexTM counteracts this by restoring the skin’s perfect harmony.

Legendary ingredient for skin vitality Ginseng

Ginseng cultivated in Korea is legendary around the world for its potent efficacies. For over half a century, our research into this legendary herb, GinsenomicsTM, has been unraveling the secrets to ginseng’s incredible efficacies using all aspects, from the root to the ginseng berries. Our research led us to create a bioconversion technique that changes ginseng’s efficacies into active materials. With GinsenomicsTM, the ginseng was reborn to enhance skin vitality.

Traditional methods extract natural efficacies POJE Optimizing ProcessTM

Our POJE Optimizing process uses a variety of time tested methods to cure Korean medicinal herbs and formulate them in unique ways to maximize their essential benefits. Optimizing all our precious ingredients involves delicate care and attention, and is what distinguishes Sulwhasoo. Some herbs are carefully baked, while others are steamed or germinated. Our JAUM Balancing ComplexTM uses the Honeyed ProcessTM, particularly for White Lily and Solomon’s seal, which are aged in all-natural honey before additional maturation. Renewed through the POJE process with newly discovered efficacies, these synergies can only be experienced through Sulwhasoo.

Awakening the five senses with delicate scents and smooth texture The World of Five Senses

Sulwhasoo’s holistic beauty is completed with natural fragrances, smooth textures, and our unique beauty rituals, helping you find harmony and balance, both inside and out.

Special touches to complete your holistic beauty Beauty Rituals

Sulwhasoo’s beauty rituals are special and unique. Since introducing the First Care Activating Serum in 1997, Sulwhasoo has changed the beauty routines of women around the world. Our distinguished Balance-Essential-Advanced beauty steps were created to achieve perfect balance. Even before application, the product scent can be enjoyed to help us find peace. Then, our hands’ natural warmth is gently gathered to softly tap the skin and apply the serum, completing Sulwhasoo’s holistic beauty journey.


The Holistic Beauty Journey

Origin Korean Herbal Medicine Drawn from Asian Wisdom

At the heart of Sulwhasoo is Korean herbal medicine, steeped in a long tradition of Eastern holistic philosophy that searches for deeper answers, with a desire to find harmony and balance, and treatments that view the body as a whole.

1966 The beginning of Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo’s founder, Suh Sung-whan, learned the value of natural herbs under the watchful eye of his mother, a master at nurturing nature’s most precious herbs for her beauty products. Their town of Kaesong is renowned for its exceptional ginseng cultivation, and he grew to appreciate its potency and healing powers. He dreamt of harnessing ginseng’s natural energy and medicinal benefits for skincare. His dream came to life in 1966 with ABC Ginseng Cream, the very beginnings of today’s Sulwhasoo.

1973 Emphasizing Korean culture

The passion shown for ABC Ginseng Cream led to the development of Ginseng SAMMI in 1973. It uses Saponin as an ingredient, and was exported to Hawaii and Japan and quickly became very popular. This validated the founder’s strong belief in the efficacies of ginseng and he continued to develop the product, releasing in 1975 a product simply called SAMMI, using a traditional celadon design from the ancient Goryeo Dynasty. It further evolved into SAMMIGIN in 1981, winning the hearts of women around the world with its authentic Korean motif.

1987 Korean herbal medicine meets modern skincare

In 1987, as we continued to seek even more benefits and natural synergies from combining medicinal herbs and ginseng, we renamed the brand Sulwha (雪花). Our research did not stop there, and we made several more significant discoveries, including the development of our signature ingredient JAUM Balancing ComplexTM, which now forms the vital foundation of Sulwhasoo.

1997 The Birth of Sulwhasoo

With these enhancements to our products, we added the final character for phenomenal (秀, “Soo”) to complete the brand name Sulwhasoo in 1997. The research into the causes of skin aging also helped us develop Sulwhasoo’s exclusive JAUM Balancing ComplexTM. This unique solution became the key element in our First Care Activating Serum.

2000 Korean herbal medicine meets science

The ABC Ginseng Cream we introduced in 1966 was reborn as the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream in 2000, following Sulwhasoo’s in-depth research into Korean herbal medicine. In 2001, we successfully developed bioconversion technologies to deliver ginseng’s excellent efficacies more efficiently into the skin. This has been the base of our Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream as well, and has set the standard for how women around the world take care of their skin.

2003 Beautiful traditions mingle with contemporary culture

Sulwhasoo is passionate about Korea’s beautiful traditions, and uses a traditional celadon shape for its products. It continues to support cultural activities that maintain Korea’s traditions. We created the Sulwha Club in 2003 to sponsor traditional culture and arts activities, and it later became the Sulwha Culture Exhibition in 2009, with a focus on creating a beautiful connection between traditional master artisans and modern artists. Their work continues, as we maintain our close connection with our community.

2004 First steps into the world

Opening its first global store in Hong Kong’s Central Building in 2004, Sulwhasoo captivated customers with its excellence and outstanding results. Receiving recognition as a global beauty brand in Hong Kong, Sulwhasoo expanded sales to more than ten countries, including China, the U.S., and Singapore, over the next decade, and has become as a symbol of enduring dedication and trust.

2009 Representing Korean beauty

As a global beauty brand that represents Korea, Sulwhasoo has naturally found its way in front of First Ladies from all around the world as they visit Korea. Dignitaries attending the Korea-ASEAN summit in 2009, the 2010 G20 Seoul Summit, and the 2011 G20 Seoul Summit, had the opportunity to experience Sulwhasoo’s unique value.

Present Holistic beauty flows throughout the world

Sulwhasoo began with the strong belief in ginseng and a passion for Korean herbal medicine. Now it is appreciated by women around the word as a holistic beauty brand that encompasses the best traditions of ancient Asian wisdom.

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