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null | 2015.06.19

With the philosophy that embraces holistic beauty and herbal beauty routine, apart from products, Sulwhasoo also offers customer-centric treatments. The Ginseng Intensive Treatment of Sulwhasoo SPA draws inspiration from the Korean imperial beauty concept of Sang-Seng and its nutritious formula to produce state-of-the-art medicinal herb capsules that offer advanced and deep nourishing treatment to the skin with 3 precious ginsengs and 3 effect-enhancing Korean medicinal.

Effective Anti-oxidization Treatment

Ginseng, the gift of Mother Earth, is combined with gold foil to deliver maximized benefits of ying energy. The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream used in the treatment is enriched by the six-year red ginseng, red ginseng saponin and 15-year wild ginseng essence, which contribute to the effective performance in facilitating blood circulation, driving out the toxins and revitalizing the skin. The rhubarb, astragalus and mulberry bark complete the formula with their outstanding capability for strengthening and enhancing the protective barrier of the skin.

The cream is massaged onto the face with jade to increase the oxygen supply in blood, followed by the ageing-delaying gold foil facial treatment with the unique red ginseng essence and 99.9% pure gold foil. The therapy rejuvenates and soothes the skin with its anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidization potential to restore it to the young condition.

The Ginseng Intensive Treatment deeply nourishes and revitalizes the skin, restoring youthful energy to the skin cells.

Ginseng Intensive (1 hr 55 mins)/ $ 1,900

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