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Time to Unwind

null | 2015.07.01

Mother of two and businesswoman Jenny Chau heads to Sulwhasoo Spa to experience its signature treatment.

A long with being a mother to two young boys, Jenny Chau also works on projects for husband Brandon’s lifestyle business, the Noblesse Lifestyle Group. With the couple now gearing up to launch an all-in-one bed studio concept at Horizon Plaza to provide quality mattress and bedding solutions in Hong Kong, Jenny, ironically enough, finds that sleep is a luxury these days.

“I have to wake up early because of my two boys, but I don’t get to sleep early as I’m often catching up on emails at night,’ says Jenny, who tries to do most of her work when her boys are in school or after they have gone to bed. “That’s why I love facials and massages; they’re a great way to revive tired skin and for me to catch up on rest. I go at least once a week and always feel rejuvenated afterwards.”

Given her penchant for regular spa treatments, Jenny visited the Sulwhasoo Spa in Times Square to try out its signature Timetreasure Ultimate Renovating Story treatment for the face and body. As a leading Korean luxury skincare brand, Sulwhasoo’s products are formulated based on philosophies of traditional Korean medicine, and its spa treatments are based on the Korean sangseng ethos of maintaining harmony in the body and mind.

The Timetreasure Ultimate Renovating Story uses products from the brand’s ultra luxurious Timetreasure range. It begins with a footbath infused with red ginseng, followed by a rubbing ritual known as sulwhajeong that uses a dry, scented sheet. The therapist will then start with the facial and will prep the skin with Timetreasure Ampoules, a special serum that is available only at the spa and is massaged onto the face and the body with amber – a gemstone said to be rich in yang energy to soothe away any negative vibes. The treatment is designed to enhance circulation and replenish nutrients to the skin cells to revitalize a dull and tired complexion. It is followed by a meridian massage, also done with warm amber stones. Other treatments on the menu use jade or porcelain as tools, also chosen for their therapeutic benefits.

The experience is further enhanced by the various elements of traditional Korean culture that have been used to create a relaxing ambience. The plum blossom motifs on the wallpaper in the Relaxation Lounge from a pattern that separates the reception area from the Relaxation Lounge features a delicate floral pattern often used in temples.

During the treatment, guests can choose between pine, aloes wood, sandalwood or prunus mume (Japanese apricot) essential oil as the main scent for their treatment, while a warm mugwort pad is placed on their lower abdomen for comfort and traditional Korean melodies play in the background. After the treatment, guests are guided through the Sangseng Breathing routine, which aims to benefit different parts of the body.

“I always thought Sulwhasoo was an elegant brand, so I was interested to know more about the treatments,” says Jenny. “It’s very easy for mothers to forget about their own well-being. But it’s important to take care of yourself and to take care of yourself and to take pride in your appearance.”

With time precious commodity, Jenny likes the fact that she can get a massage and a facial done at the spa. “I loved the treatment; my skin was glowing after the facial, and the meridian massage was very comfortable and relaxing. It’s a therapeutic treatment for both the body and mind – and it was a great introduction to the brand and its products.”

  • Photography GARETH BROWN