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The Best Cushion Foundation SULWHASOO Perfecting Cushion

null | 2015.08.12

The Perfect Korean Look Defined

The frenzy of Cushion Foundation sweeps over the makeup industry for good reasons: the thoughtful design and the remarkably sheer complexion make it the perfect beauty tool for women. Developed by the Korean herbal medicinal and ginseng cosmetics brand SULWHASOO, the Perfecting Cushion captivates the ladies with its enveloping, hydrating, sheer and high coverage formula. The all-in-one cushion moisturizes, brightens and replenishes the skin and protect against UV rays, pampering your skin while beautifying your look. The Watercolour Technology and the sophisticated Film Polymer enable airy, velvety powder to be evenly diffused into the formula to provide flawless coverage on wrinkles and spots for a long-lasting effect of 12 hours. Lightly pat the foundation on face with the specially designed ruby-cell puff to easily achieve a pore-less and flawless skin for perfect, refined and translucent Korean make-up.

Korean Skincare Cosmetics

To comply with the holistic skincare philosophy of the brand, the cushion is infused with rich apricot kernel oil and Jaumdan, a precious key formula comprised of nourishing extracts. Apricot kernel oil improves the hydration and resilience of the skin, while enhancing and activing the self-regenerating and protection ability of collagen for a supple and translucent skin tone. Furthermore, the oil has a remarkable effect of eliminating the wrinkles and delivering silky finish. The signature formula of Jaumdan supplements the skin with ying-yang energy to rejuvenate dehydrated skin. The skin would become dewy, delicate and glowing to express the perfect texture.

01) Perfecting Cushion is a remarkable skin elixir comprised of an array of luxurious natural Korean herbal medicinal which break-through the boundaries of cosmetic products with its beautifying, nourishing and protective function.

The Perfect Match

With Snowise EX Whitening Serum and Whitening Mask to enjoy a double-up result

SULWHASOO Snowise EX Whitening Serum

The serum contains the patented formula Snowise Brightening Triplex™ which prevents Melanin formulation for a translucent and supple complexion. The powerful antioxidant ingredient White Cloud Grass™ with White Ginseng Polysaccharidess to lighten spots, uproot hyperpigmentation and stimulate regeneration of collagen for a pumped-up skin. The skin would become elastic, resilient with bright complexion.

SULWHASOO Snowise EX Whitening Mask

Powered by the brightening White Ginseng Polysaccharides and White Cloud Grass™, an outstanding formula for detoxifying and even skin tone, the mask facilitates collagen generation and eliminates hyperpigmentation to further brighten up the overall complexion. The close-fitting design and transparent gel-like essence enable nutrients to be penetrated into the skin within ten minutes to achieve an instant, unparalleled whitening result. The skin will appear brighter.