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Unwind the Time

null | 2016.03.08

The Red Pine Anti-Aging Solution

A youthful complexion is maintained from within, whereas well-prepared skin is a prerequisite for holistic beauty. Sulwhasoo, the Korean skincare expert, harnesses Korean herbal medicines to fortify the foundation of the skin. The Timetreasure Renovating line, debuted a decade ago, is a perfect combination of Korean ancient wisdom and the precious herbs Red Pine. Concocted using luxurious ingredients, the formula revitalizes the complexion by improving the skin texture and offsetting, or even rewinding the trace of time on your face for rejuvenated skin. The advanced formula, now in its third generation, contains the groundbreaking anti-aging ingredient DAA (De-aging Active) to slow the aging process and revitalize the skin for a healthy young glow.

Wipe out Traces of Time with Timeless Vitality

The first sign of aging heralds the onset of age-related skin problems. Timetreasure Renovating Cream EX is enriched with the age-old Red Pine extract DAA and mushroom known for strong vitality to restore the aura of harmony of the skin, hence efficiently impeding the onset of aging while strengthening the defensive mechanism of the skin, replenishing yin energy, moisturizing the skin, and improving its elasticity, density and firmness for rejuvenated beauty.

Lift Contour for Brighter Eyes

Delicate skin around the eye is prone to the damage caused by internal and external elements, thus making the trace of time visible. Powered by the age-old Red Pine extract DAA, Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX improves the problem of yin insufficiency around the eye, nourishes the skin, enhances firmness, fortifies skin cell’s natural barrier in order to eliminate puffy eyes, under-eye bags and fine lines. It is also effective in defining contour and evening skin tone. Thanks to its mesh-like texture, the smooth and rich cream instantly envelops and penetrates the skin, filling up fine lines for brighter, whiter and smoother skin around the eyes.

Detox Massage Journey

Red Pine Detoxifying and Cooling Massage

The Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Renovating line, enriched with age-old Red Pine extract, is a powerful skincare and anti-aging elixir which forms the core of the Sulwhasoo Spa treatment Timestreasure Renovating Detoxing. The treatment brings the magical anti-aging effect of the line to the fullest with Korean ‘Porus Cryo Skin’ massage and Obsidian massage, harnessing the revitalizing power of Timetreasure Renovating for comprehensive nourishment that purifies and detoxifies the skin while lifting the contour for rejuvenated skin.

Detoxifying and Contouring from Within

Adhering to the Korean traditional ‘Sang-seng’ philosophy, Sulwhasoo Spa restores health to the skin by balancing the jing (essence), qi and shen (spirit) in the body. The Timetreasure Renovating Detoxing treatment massages the skin with Obsidian and a cooling tool. The former is used to detoxify and define the contour and the latter minimize the pores and activate collagen regeneration. Performing meridian massage with obsidian is a traditional Korean skincare ritual. Timetreasure products will be massage into skin with obsidian, a magical skincare mineral, using Korean detoxifying massaging technique to remove toxins from the lymphatic system as well as to repel negative energy and enhance absorption for better moisturizing results. It is then followed by the Korean ‘Porus Cryo Skin’ massage. A special tool will be used to gently roll on the skin for a cooling effect to stimulate blood vessels to increase oxygen transport capacity, thus improving blood circulation and metabolism. In addition to the detoxifying effect, the massage activates blood circulation beneath the skin and facilitates generation of collagen to replenish moisture, alleviate redness and minimize pores. The treatment will use the Timetreasure Renovating line to strengthen yin energy, improve sagginess and rejuvenate skin cells. The treatment will leave your skin smooth, firm and velvety with an elastic youthful touch.

Korean Ancient Wisdom

Almost all Korean men and women have delicate bright skins thanks to the traditional Korean skincare wisdom that makes skin glow from the inside out. Sulwhasoo Spa incorporates ‘Sang-seng’ philosophy with ancient health care therapy to create a targeted skincare and body treatment. Facial treatment will starts with Red Ginseng Seed Foot Bath and The Ritual of Sulwhajeong originated in the Joseon Dynasty to soothe the senses and sharpen the mind, thus fostering the detoxifying and pampering effect for an ultimate relaxing experience. The unique Korean meridian massage and the traditional beauty tool are effective in stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation to prepare the skin for the subsequent treatment. The treatment is carried out with Sulwhasoo’s products, with precious Ginseng, Red Pine extract and Korean herbal JAUM balancing complex™ to complete the balancing and pampering effect of respective treatment. The spa is accentuated by understated décor and the elegant flair of the Joseon court to elevate the unparalleled relaxing pleasure.

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