2014 Sulwha Culture Exhibition SKIN=NIKS

A new vision for a diversity of relationships
and the meeting of tradition and modernity

The Eighth Sulwha Cultural Exhibition, which went by the title “SKIN=NIKS,”
centered on our skin's role as a sensory medium.
Human skin acts as a border between various elements
that don’t necessarily recognize their own complementarity,
such as the blending of traditional and modern,
internal and external, as well as objects and their environments.

“SKIN=NIKS” referred to an environment created in the reverse,
and comprised new installations and experiences.
The exhibition questioned the harmony
and balance we seek in our complex and ever-changing daily lives.


2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition “SKIN=NIKS” gala event opens

Sulwhasoo officially opened its 2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition, called SKIN=NIKS, attracting significant attention through a star-studded gala that brought together VIP guests from Korea and around the world. The event also drew attention to the holistic beauty brand's approach to harmonious and balanced holistic beauty which is steeped in Asian philosophy and wisdom.

2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition – interior and exterior

The 2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition was held at the Sulwhasoo Gallery in Sinsa-dong, nestled in Seoul's tony Gangnam District. The exhibition created a platform for exchange and interaction between different generations and for reinterpreting various traditional elements that symbolize the five senses in a modern way.