Inner Charging Serum

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Inner Charging Serum
  • Size 140ml
  • Price HK$ 520

Jeongyangdan and ginseng extract target the underlying signs of aging

Carefully chosen ingredients and meticulous formulation help build resilience

Jeongyangdan and ginseng extract accelerate skin turnover and revitalize the skin, treating the underlying signs of aging.

A water-gel type serum that hydrates thoroughly

The unique water-gel type product is both a serum and a toner, delivering a burst of deep hydration with an easy to apply formulation.

The deep and rich woody scent delivers relaxation to tired skin

The woody scent, with pine, aloeswood and white sandalwood base notes, exude a poised and confident aroma of modern masculinity.


After washing the face in the morning and evening, dispense about 0.5ml onto palm and apply to the entire face. Gently pat for quick absorption.