Powder For Cushion

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Powder For Cushion
  • Size 8g
  • Price HK$450

A finishing powder as light as air, keeping your makeup feeling fresh and new

Airy powder, only by Sulwhasoo

Made with Sulwhasoo’s unique processing method, the fine airy powder covers skin when used before applying a cushion foundation. It leaves a soft and powdery finish when used after.
Made with a mixture of wavy and straight bristles, the slanted shape of the air brush greets your skin with a gentle and delicate touch.

“Cushion locking” effect for long-lasting cushion makeup

Infused with skincare components, the powder leaves skin feeling light without any dryness.
With a gentle sweep of the brush, experience the exceptional finishing touch that helps cushion makeup last longer.

Light as a compact powder, soft as a loose powder

When the airy powder meets the brush, the compact powder gives you the sheer and light touch of a loose powder.

How to Use

Apply a moderate amount onto the brush and gently sweep across your face.
The slanted shape of the brush allows an easy application on curves and details.