Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum

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Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum
  • Functions Anti-aging
  • Size 35ml / 50ml[Limited]

Product Characteristics

For reduced signs of wrinkles and firmer looking skin

Capsulized ginseng serum to help wrinkles appear diminished and complexion look younger.

Ginsenisphere™, capsulized ginseng for skin’s younger look Ginsenisphere™ is the result of Sulwhasoo’s 50 years of dedicated ginseng research and capsulation technology. Macro Ginsenisphere™, the visible capsules of the serum, is combined with the nvisible micro Ginsenisphere™ (compound K) to infuse into the serum and deliver its efficacies deep and fast.
Anti-aging care for reduced sign of wrinkles Helping to reduce signs of wrinkles that deepen over time, Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum makes your skin feel and look younger.
* Wrinkle-care results after 8 weeks of use (Clinical test results by Dermapro in 2013)
The capsules absorb into skin, allowing smooth spread As they gently melt on the skin, the capsules replenish hydration and elasticity and provide hydration, giving your skin a soft and supple look.


Improvements in Anti-aging

* Clinical test results / Test subjects: 23 women 35~42 years of age / Test period: 8 weeks / Research institute: Dermapro

Firmer look and feel of the skin

100% of the women who tested Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum indicated that they were satisfied with their skin
improvements after two weeks of use. Improvements in a sense of elasticity, skin texture, skin tone, and moisture in
particular received highly satisfactory reviews.

* Customer satisfaction survey results / Test subjects: 100 women 35~44 years of age / Test period: 2 weeks (HUT evaluation results) / Research institute: TNEX
Firmer looking skin

98% answered that their skin felt more elastic and firm to the touch


Smoother skin texture

99% answered that their skin felt smoother the next morning


Plumper and brighter skin

96% answered that their skin seemed to look plumper and brighter the next morning


Richly hydrated skin

96% answered that their skin felt richly moisturized till the next morning


How to Use

How to Use

Use day and night after cleansing the skin texture with a toner.

Pump a moderate amount into your palm and evenly spread across your face with the tip of your hands.

Gently press your face with your palms to help absorption.

Beauty Ritual

Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum Beauty Rituals

Firming massage for a smooth and firm look

Massage steps

Hold both your hands up and slightly curve your palms and fingers like holding a baseball.

Place three fingers against your eyebrow and gently press the front, center, and tail.

Place three fingers just above your cheekbones and gently press down.

Place three fingers just below your cheekbones and gently press down.

Closely place three fingers on the sunken area under the mouth and lightly press.

With both hands wrapping the entire face except the forehead and chin, steadily press for 5 seconds.

With both hands wrapping the forehead and chin, steadily press for 5 seconds.