Timetreasure Radiance Makeup Base

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Timetreasure Radiance Makeup Base
  • Size 30ml
  • Price HK$630

A premium makeup base formulated with precious micro-fine gems that illuminates skin for a beautifully smooth finish.

Instantly corrects skin tone for vibrant, even-looking skin

The tri-colored jewel complex corrects the appearance of dull, aging skin containing an imbalance of yellow and red tones.

Skin looks lit from deep within

The Gloss Cover System, which combines a powder restoring radiance and a powder correcting skin color, leaves a natural coverage and helps to restore a clear, translucent quality to your skin.

Skin looks firmer and smoother

The gel-type texture, created through an intricately woven 3D network, forms a flexible barrier on your skin’s surface and fills it in for a firm, translucent look.