Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX

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Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX
  • Functions Luxury Anti-aging
  • Size 25ml
  • Price HK$ 1,750

Product Characteristics

A solution for youthful appearance with longevity secret of Red Pine

A premium total anti-aging eye cream that refines the delicate eye area for a firmer look with Red Pine.

Discover the key to resilient skin in Red Pine Red Pine, a symbol of longevity, is known to live a thousand years. Sulwhasoo discovered Red Pine’s anti-aging component De-aging Active (DAA), which is found in a miniscule amount deep inside the tree.
A total care solution for the delicate skin around the eyes DAA, the anti-aging elixir found in Red Pine, addresses comprehensive aging concerns around the delicate eye area. Red Ginseng and White Ginseng saponins help to brighten the under eye skin and reduce signs of wrinkles and fine lines.
Rich texture that gently covers your delicate eyes The delicate web of fine particles suspended in rich texture gently veils your skin with extra moisture, giving a smoother, firmer look.

How to Use

How to Use

Use fingertips to apply around the eyes and gently massage until it’s absorbed.

Beauty Ritual

Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX Beauty Rituals

Intensive care for skin around the eyes

Use in the morning and at night, after the essence step. Using the spatula, dispense an appropriate amount on the back side of the hand and apply on skin under the eyes, skin on both sides, and eyelids with the fingertips in dots.

Lightly place a hand on the temple. Then, with the middle finger, evenly apply the product on the tail of the eye, front area of the eye, and eyelid. Repeat on the other side of the eye.

With the middle finger, sweep skin upward, starting from the nostril and working along the nose bridge up to the front area of the eyebrow, as a finishing touch.

Massage method to strengthen the support areas of the face on the center

Puling the temple area upward from the eye area

With three fingers, pull skin under the eyes upward and repeat three times. Closely place the fingers over the entire eye area and pull upward. Repeat three times.

Sweeping the center of the face upward

With the middle finger, sweep skin upward, starting from the lower area of the smile line and working up to the nostril, and repeat three times. Sweep upward three times from the nostrils to skin between the eyebrows.

Acupressing the eye-nose cross axis to define the face

Horizontal axis, focusing on the eyes (left to right/up to down) ① Skin above the eyebrows, straight up the pupil → ②Outside of the eyes → ③ Skin immediately below the pupil

(Left)/(Right) Steadily press skin above the eyebrow, straight up the pupil, for 3 seconds.

(Left)/(Right) Steadily press skin outside the eyes and tail of the eyes where the bone is detected for 3 seconds.

(Left)/(Right) Steadily press skin immediately below the pupil for 3 seconds.

Vertical axis focusing on the nose (from up to down) ④ Inner side of both eyes → ⑤ Along the nose bridge → ⑥ Groove under the nose

Steadily press the inner side of the eyebrows for 3 seconds.

Steadily press both sides along the nose bridge for 3 seconds.

Steadily press the grooves around the nostrils for 3 seconds