Ubud & Taikang Lu

Life cannot be compared with what is caught in the name of expensive art that you cannot even touch in the uniformed and generalized art museums. Farmers have used their hands to paint with brushes, while the bashful women who used to greet the tourists with friendly smiles have sat down to exhibit their handicraft. There is no particular exhibition, but the humble drawings on the walls capture the eyes of the passersby. The small village of Ubut in central Indonesia is also known as ‘the artists’ village’. Taikang Lu Tianzifang of Shanghai look ordinary with similarities and differences to Ubut; however, the streets are filled with extraordinary artworks to breathe with your everyday life. They are best suited for the saying that art shines most brightly when it is naturally incorporated in your everyday life. Everything here from the visuals to the food is artistic; therefore, many people from all over the world are visiting this place.

Bali, Indonesia is one of the most famous vacation resorts and destinations for surfers and honeymooners. However, the small village of Ubut is approximately 25 km from Denpasar, where all flights to Bali lands, and it is the center of Bali’s art and culture with many local and international artists. You can discover the unique paintings of Bali that have combined the traditional art rooted from Hindu mythology and the contemporary paintings about everyday life. Ubut is a quiet village with a luxurious jungle and a peaceful rice field. It is only a few kilometers to cross, but anyone would fall in love with Ubut after taking a walk through it. Even a full month of stay would feel short at a place where art is everywhere. Taikang Lu Tianzifang has gathered artists who could not afford the sharply rising rent rates in Shanghai. It has combined art and business over time, but the alleys are still filled with the unique appearance of China. Taikang Lu Tianzifang is a subway ride away from Shanghai. It has been nicknamed ‘Insa-dong of Shanghai’, and it has a maze of narrow alleyways that are filled with fun things to see without having to eat or buy anything. It used to be a hiding place of renowned writers, but it is now a home to countless small ateliers, cafés, souvenir shops, and galleries. The cute and humble souvenir shops are particularly attractive. It is a good place to take a walk with your friend and pick up some of the little souvenirs.

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