Sulwhasoo Style

Writer Hwang Kyung Shin

Our talk was based on the premise that ‘there is nothing definite in this world.’

Writer Hwang Kyung Shin

Nothing is definite in a world where there are countless people and all kinds of living organisms and non-living things as the universe rotates and revolves every day amid passing time and global changes.

Therefore, she is building things to survive in this infinite world. She is building as she is writing. She is not moving forward to the direction that is definite, but she is exploring her own way. She is not struggling to achieve what is defined by the world.
“I have to accept myself from the day I was born until I die. I don’t think my life is complete with the so-called proof of acquiring an expensive car, a house, or the money to buy them all. Those things are fleeting, and I can lose them, or they can disappear. So I constantly have to learn to improve myself through my writing.” Learning becomes the basic material for developing her abilities. When it comes to materials, the more abundant they are, the better, so she does not hesitate to study them when she wants to learn how to use them. She learned to dance the flamenco, how to cook, understand mythology, to play the guitar, and to swim.
She is not struggling to meet her goals. She learns for her own contentment, pleasure, happiness, and joy. There is no further need to do something well because she has mastered it or she could apply what she learned.
“Even if you are not in competition, you can upgrade your skills when you achieve something you couldn’t do before. That is enough. Becoming someone who can do something, being able to cook something you couldn’t cook before, and understanding a story you couldn’t understand before would be an achievement.” She always knocks on the door when there is something she wants and needs: That is, the door to a new world, and a new door past another door. There are many expectations for the countless doors she has not opened yet. ‘Kyungshin Hwang’ is slowly opening these doors.

Writer Hwang Kyung Shin

She is building things to survive in this infinite world.

What she is writing looks just like her.

She has her own style, which is incomparable. She explained the type of writing that she has created without hesitation:
“I write about what I want to write about the most every time. I write about what is most interesting for me. I believe it is good for me and for the readers.”
She needed training to discover what it is that she wants. She practiced writing short pieces every day to find her own style. She wrote about three sentences every day. She had to think about the topics at first, but it soon became a habit for her to think about what to write when there was an experience or a unique object that she found inspiring.
But if you don’t discover the meaning of life with the steps you take, you don’t have to break a sweat in practice. God created men with the instinct to create. However, it isn’t true for everyone. There are people who find happiness in creating something new, and she trains herself every day because she is one of those people.
“Not everyone in the world has to create something. Do what you like as you were born to do. Wouldn’t that keep the world in harmony and balance?”
Then she talked about a piece she wrote. One day, she learned to tune her piano. She did not usually pay attention to the tuning process, but, that particular day, she did. Eighty-eight keys that result into different sounds were tuned to make the right sounds.
“When you tune your opinion, it usually means everyone has the same idea. If that is the concept, all the sounds of a piano that is tuned must be ‘Do.’ But that is not entirely true.
‘Do’ creates the sound of ‘Do,’ and ‘Re’ creates the sound of ‘Re.’ That is how you perform harmonious music. I believe that is also true for achieving harmony. Not all flowers should be yellow, but some must be pink, red and purple to blend with one another. The basic step in creating a harmonious world is not forcing everyone to make the same sound.”
She said there is no need to pay attention to her training to be happy by turning to writing. What is important is to find whether you are ‘Do,’ ‘Re,’ or ‘Mi,’ and how you can make beautiful sounds. When you find that and ‘build’ something for yourself, you can be happy. Just remember that there is nothing definite in this world, and knock on the door to another world whenever you can. “Mold yourself into someone who cannot be found anywhere else,” she said liberally in leather sandals, which have been fitted into her feet over time.