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Broadcaster Seol Su Hyun

播音員 Seol Su Hyun 播音員 Seol Su Hyun

Love is and will
always be great

Broadcaster Seol Su Hyun

We easily get tired when we exert ourselves too much.

If we run at full speed, we cannot run as far as we want. Today’s world is, however, filled with many things that we have to put all our energy on. It feels like something bad might happen if we do not exhaust our energy. The majority of mothers struggle alone in an environment where one is likely to be left behind. Thus, an amazing and happy life becomes weary. The first question we asked Suhyun Seol when we first met her was about her work and her childcare concerns, especially the fierceness with which she raises her three children. We naturally assumed that she was enduring each and every day by stiffening herself against possible obstacles she had to face each day. We wanted to know how she coped with the daily challenges. To our surprise, we got a totally unexpected answer.
“I don’t pay attention to every detail. I don’t get tired at the end of the day because I don’t put all my attention into it. If you call it a “know-how,” my know-how is not doing things so diligently and raising my children without so much desire. I hope that my children feel their home is where they can be most comfortable. What I do is I teach them to relax without worry, smile with comfort, be consoled, and enjoy themselves at home."
Her oldest child, who attends middle school, still hugs her mother when she comes home. She is already in her puberty but the mother-and-daughter relationship is relaxed. She lets her daughter do her own thing and only gets involved occasionally to let her daughter know that she is there for her daughter. With her second child who is in 4th grade and her youngest child who is in 2nd grade, she showers them with love for now. And she thinks that is enough. “I have different approaches for each of my children. With my youngest child, when I soothe him, he follows what I tell him. A few days ago, he told me he didn’t want to play the piano anymore because he was afraid of his teacher. I said, ‘I think men who play the piano are very attractive. I think you will be a wonderful man if you play the piano. If you still like playing the piano but don’t like the teacher, how about we go to a different piano academy?’ After that, he told me he would keep playing. My second child has a strong compensation mentality. She is an extrovert with a strong sense of leadership but there was a time when I felt that she was not very interested in studying so I let her do whatever she wanted. In 4th grade, she began showing a great interest in studying. Since she was very young, she was very protective of her own things and wanted compensation for what she had done so I told her if she does well on her exams, she will be rewarded. Well, she did performed well. My oldest child wants praise all the time. She does her best if I give her the praise she craves.” Soohyun Seol’s know-how in childcare is not about adjusting the children to the mother but adjusting the mother to her children.

She seemed like a mother who did everything with perfection but she says she is happy because she is not a perfect mother.

Perhaps her young-looking face is the result of her positive mindset. We wanted to know her beauty secrets.
I am very impatient so I can’t really get skincare treatments that usually take more than an hour. If my face feels tight, I apply facial masks often and, most of all, I pay attention to what I eat.” Soohyun Seol, who has been enjoying natural food for a long time, says she maintains her health by following a low-sodium diet. She says she prefers food with a natural flavor over strong-tasting food with excessive additives. Soohyun Seol said if she had a beauty secret, it was her healthy eating habits. She exercises three to four times a week and does everything in her life with diligence, in order to keep her body and mind in harmony.

Broadcaster Seol Su Hyun

Soohyun Seol loves herself, her family, her days, and her life in general with an emphasis on health and happiness.

When she thought about it, she always liked the feeling of affection.

She has led her life solving most of the obstacles she faced by choosing to emphasize love. When there were problems with her children, the answer was always love. The form has constantly changed but the basis of her relationship with her husband was love. It was her love for work and the people she met, which enabled her to keep on working. Love is the key to every problem. Why not think about taking the key out in front of the closed door? We hope that the mothers who are weary of childcare, the women who lost themselves, and all the people who are trying to put up a brave face every day find love that is as warm as the sunshine hidden inside their hearts.
As Soohyun Seol said, love is and will always be great.