Renew elasticity and blossom with illuminating complexion through Voluminating Foundation.

Renew elasticity and blossom with illuminating complexion through Voluminating Foundation.

Voluminating Foundation – renew elasticity and blossom with the glowing skin of youth.

A highly functional foundation that improves skin’s resilience and tone for all-day comfort as if wearing an anti-aging skincare product. Created using the exclusive anti-aging technology unique to Sulwhasoo, the innovative tension net maximizes the skin elasticity for a blossoming effect.

Skin’s elasticity enhanced through the potent ingredients of Sulwhasoo’s signature anti-aging cream

Enriched with the emolliating ingredients of Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream, the foundation applies effortlessly and increases the elasticity around the nose, cheeks, and mouth for an all-day comfort as if wearing a skincare product.

An ergonomically designed, innovative tension-mesh container

The skin-like springy texture of the tension net sifts the foundation into fine particles to ensure the makeup goes on naturally, smoothly and flawlessly. The gentle strokes using the elastic puff--inspired by designs of traditional beauty care products from the ancient times--ultimately enhances the elasticity.

Attains beautiful, flawless skin by using the innovative technique of manipulating light wavelength and energy

Containing the large blue glitter powder and revitalizing Gingko leaves, the light reflective energy maximizes skin’s natural radiance, eliminates dullness, and increases skin’s firmness to produce a transparent, glowing complexion.

The advanced container with tension net and elastic puff

The innovative tension net allows for the convenient amount control for a single use without going through the hassle of touching or spilling the product. The elastic puff is designed with a handle to increase the convenience and comfort.