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Sulwhasoo’s Holistic Beauty achieved through the wisdom of balance

From nature to mankind, mankind to nature.

Sulwhasoo has discovered the value of true beauty in the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature. Sulwhasoo - the crystalloid of beauty and wisdom unveiled in the nature of Korea. Now, it is your time to flourish.

Essence of Holistic Beauty Wisdom

Ginseng native to Korea is acknowledged worldwide as the finest and valuable. In 1966, the rare and mystical potency of ginseng was publicly introduced at the launch of ABC Ginseng Cream; through the relentless research and state-of-the art technology, Sulwhasoo pioneered and developed a scientific technique based on Korean herbal medicine, exclusive to Sulwhasoo.

Pine trees possess a tenacious vitality that maintains its youthful blue-green leaves all seasons. Sulwhasoo’s philosophy is based on such exquisite, timeless beauty that transcends time.

Camellia has treated the women’s skin and body since the ancient times. Ingredients derived from nature are infused with the wisdom, foretelling the beauty from the ancestors; likewise, the plum blossoms that gradually flower through the anguish of winter welcomes the triumphant beginning of spring. Sulwhasoo seeks endlessly for the fundamentals of beauty and wisdom of balance from nature.

Korean Secret of Holistic Beauty Wisdom

According to the Theory of Korean Medicine, the body undergoes through an internal and external transformation every seven years. Aging process accelerates particularly for women as theirenergy of yin steeps down significantly.

Amongst three thousand Korean medicinal herbs, five finest ingredients were selected and infused to formulate JAUM Balancing Complex™ that replenishes the skin with nutrients and energy of yin. The chosen ingredients are specially progressed through POJE Optimizing Process™--processing method exclusive to Sulwhasoo--where their potency is maximized.

Furthermore, bio-diversion technique was implemented to extract the brightening and age-defying ingredients such as saponins from red and white ginseng. Finally, the encapsulation technology delivers the potency of the ingredients directly to the skin.

Sulwhasoo has integrated tradition with advanced dermatology to persistently strive in creating beauty of worth.

Excellence of Holistic Beauty Wisdom

Sulwhasoo philosophy is based on the belief that true beauty can be created through a balance between nature and mankind; and body and mind.

The genuine worth of Sulwhasoo flourishes and presently extends on a global scale into Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, and beyond Asia into the Americas.