The Story of Sulwhasoo :
narrated by Song Hye Kyo

The Beauty Starting From Sulwhasoo
Heritage & Science Center

Ageless Beauty
Ageless Beauty

True Beauty

I came to realize that time does not fade me away.
Instead, I learned that it makes me stronger
and a variety of experiences gained over time
will be revealed on the outside.

Only few is visible on the outside.
But behind what you see,
there are a tremendous amount of stories and efforts.

The Story Behind a Bottle of Sulwhasoo
The Story Behind a Bottle of Sulwhasoo

History of Sulwhasoo over 50 years

Over 50 years of history in Ginseng Research.
3327 pages, 3912 Prescriptions
1041 Kinds of raw materials
1966 - The year when Amorepacific's first ginseng cosmetic product, ABC Ginseng Cream was introduced to the world.
321 – The number of patents on Korean ginseng and Korean medicine acquired by Sulwhasoo
121 – The number of academic papers published.
Over 10 million bottles – the number of Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Collection products sold around the globe.

Isn’t this amazing?
Just as the time and efforts shaped the beauty
that I have today, A lot of people’s time and efforts are poured into each bottle of Sulwhasoo product.

Where Beauty Begins
Where Beauty Begins

Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Center

All the efforts and time are aggregated
here at the Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Center
At the state-of-the-art R&D facility,
all research and experiments on beauty are conducted.

By connecting the past and the present,
linking ancestral wisdom and cutting-edge technology,
and bridging the East and the West at this place,
Sulwhasoo can finally present the optimal skincare solution

The Future of Beauty
The Future of Beauty

Timeless Wisdom Ageless Beauty

Its know-how from over fifty years of Korean ginseng
research, globally-recognized technological competence,
and researchers’ commitment came together
to make this remarkable substance, Ginsenomics,
come to life.

Indeed, time builds up wisdom,
makes me grow and further,
adds depth to beauty.

Even today, my beauty keeps growing.