2010 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition SooJak

The dilemmas of the essence of beauty


Soojak is the theme of the 4th Sulwha Cultural Exhibition.
Crafted by the hands of men (手作), aspire to perfect beauty (秀作),
the connection between art and men (酬酌),
and an indigenous name given to the masterpiece (授爵).

Through the harmony of tradition and modernity,
the 2010 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition features masterpieces produced
from the fingertips of men that delivers the vibrations of beauty
and an unforgettable sense of inspiration.

About author

Bangwoong Song Master Artisan of Mother-of-Pearl Inlay

In 1990, Master Artisan Bangung Song was designated as the 54th Important Intangible Cultural Asset, which was officially renamed as the 10th Master Artisan of Mother-of-Pearl Inlay in 1995. Along with various other awards, in 1983 and 1985, Song received the Prime Minister and President’s Award at the 8th and 10th Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Ceremony, respectively. Presently, Song participates as a panel judge for the Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Exhibition and a quality control supervisor for the Gyeongnam Product Recommendation. Song is also active as the Vice Chairman of Korean Paint Cultural Association.

Daewoong Cho Master Artisan of Bamboo Weaving

Since 1966, Daewoong Cho studied the bamboo weaving under his father (Jaekyu Cho) and in 2001, Cho was designated as the 114th Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Bamboo Weaving. Cho proactively promotes the persevering beauty of Korea and displays his crafts at Japan Nagoya Folk Village for 40 days (2001), the “Fragrance of Traditional Culture of Korea” at Kyoto Traditional Crafts Exhibition (2002), and the Paris International Fair (2006). In 1995, Cho received the President’s Award at the Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Exhibition.

Moonyul Park Master Artisan of Metal Crafts

Since 1968, Moonyul Park studied under Heebok Yoon as a protégé. In 2000, Park was designated as the 64th Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Metal Crafts. Park received the Minister’s Prize at Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition - Ministry of Culture and Sports (1993), the Proud Citizen’s Award at 600th Anniversary of Seoul (1996), and the Special Prize at Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition (1998). Master Park produced and installed the embellishments of Geonchun-gung, Hamhua-dang, and Jipgyeong-dang of the Gyeongbok Palace in 2006 and the brass ornaments for New York’s Hanmaum Zen Center in 2007. In 2009, Park also created and installed the celadon roof tiles of the octagonal pavilion and the phosphor bronze rooftop ornaments of the National Museum of Korea and participated in the restoration work of Gwanghwamun in 2010.

Jongjin Hong Master Artisan of Framing

Master Artisan Jongjin Hong was designated as the 7th Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Framing in 1999. Hong created the UNESCO Jikji Award Certificates (2005, 2007, and 2008) and participated in the restoration work of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty (2008) by implementing wax. Hong also participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair (2005), “A Workman’s Jikji Virtue of Nature and Ornament” of the Gutenberg Fair (2009), and the Korea-Canada Special Crafts Exhibition (2010).

Byunghoon Yoon Master Artisan of Black Bamboo Crafts

In 1996, Master Artisan Byunghoon Yoon was designated as the 15th Seoul Intangible Cultural Asset of Black Bamboo Crafts. Yoon participated in the 6th Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition (1981), the 3rd Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition (1982), and the 2nd Asia Peace and Unification Cultural Exhibition – the Craft Division (1983). Additionally, Yoon received the Presidential Citation (1995) and the Participation Award from the 23rd Korean Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition (1998). Yoon has also submitted work for Korea’s Master Artisans (2000), the Cultural Product Special Exhibition at Gyeongju Expo (2000), the Marseille International Exhibition (2001), the “Masterpieces of Master Artisans” Invitational Exhibition (2003), and the Korea Art and Craft Exhibition (2003).

Hwankyung Kim Master Artisan of Wooden Lacquerware

In 2004, Hwankyung Kim was designated as the 1st-4th Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Lacquerware and received the Grand Prize (2006) and the Seoul Traditional Artist Award (2009) at the Korea Culture and Arts Exhibition. Master Kim showcased his work at Seoul Intangible Cultural Asset Special Exhibition (2008) as well as at Intangible Cultural Asset Special Exhibition for Korean Preservation Association in 2009 and 2010. In addition, Kim was invited to the Asia-Pacific Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Jeonju, the Korea Najeon and Lacquer Exhibition, and the lacquer painting at Intangible Cultural Asset Special Exhibition in 2010.

Gookil Yoo Metal Work

Gookil Yoo graduated from Hongik University with a bachelor’s in metal art and design and a master’s in industrial design. Yoo was invited to participate in the outdoor project “Festival Exhibition” at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (2004), the “Leica MP 大韓國人 Design”* at the 60th Anniversary of Korean Liberation (2005), and the “Exhibition of Tomorrow’s Artists” at Sungkok Art Museum (2008). In addition, Yoo received the Innovation Award “Moon II” (2005), “Planet” (2006), and “Rhea W” (2009) at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States.
*大韓國人: means Korean

Sukyoung Kang Ceramics

Sukyoung Kang graduated with a bachelor’s in ceramic art and a master’s in craft design and ceramics at Hongik University. Kang also obtained a diploma from Ecole National Superieure des Arts Appliques et des Metiers d’Art in Paris and at the present, Kang serves as the Dean of Ewha Woman’s University at the College of Fine Arts, committed in shaping the minds of students. Kang has held eight solo exhibitions in Seoul, Paris, and Los Angeles and has engaged in over 130 group exhibitions. From 1992 to 1998, Kang was a panel judge of Seoul Urban Public Park Committee and an operation committee member of the Korean Fine Arts Exhibitions in 1997 and 1998. Additionally, in 1998, Kang served as a panel judge at Korea Industrial Artists Association, National Museum of Contemporary Arts Collection, and Ministry of Education for Faculty Qualification. Designated to represent the ceramics of South Korea, Kang’s masterpiece ‘Jubilation’ is currently on display at the Athens Olympic Ceramics Park.

Jungok Kim Ceramics

Jungok Kim graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Hongik University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in ceramic design. Kim participated in various exhibitions including the following: Tho Art Space (1998), Folk Art Love (2001), Mandarin Duck Embroidered Beddings Exhibition (2004), “Empty and Full” - a grayish-blue-powdered celadon exhibition (2006), Dreams and Love Exhibition (2007), the Adventure of the Basins E&S (2009), and Embodies Autumn (2009). In addition, Kim hosted “In Living” in 2010, received Excellence Award at First Handicrafts Exhibition, and participated in the First Korean Fine Arts Exhibition and Korean Industrial Design Exhibition for eight times.

Saehwa Bae Wood Furniture

In 2008, Saehwa Bae was awarded the Special Prize at the Iksan Korea Handicraft Exhibition, the Silver Prize at the Asahikawa International Exhibition, the Popularity Award at the Living Design Fair, and the Grand Prize at 2009 Gyeongki Furniture Exhibition. Bae also participated in Nipponlife - Japanese Wooden Furniture and Living Equipment (2008), the Seoul Design Festival (2008), the Lightening Design Collection (2008), the International Design Festival (2009), the Fuori Salone, the Korea Art Gallery Fair, the Seoul Living Design Fair (2010), Dongdaemun Design Plaza Gallery, and the Korea-Canada Handicraft Special Exhibition.

Sungyeon Kim Glass Art

Sungyeon Kim has been invited to the Glass Art Exhibition (1998), the Objet Exhibition for the Thursday-Friday-Saturday Gallery (1998), the Sense of Beauty in Life - Craft and Design Exhibition (1999), the Soft & Shining (2000), the Summer Plates Exhibition of Korea Craft and Culture Foundation, the Space of Life (2001), Pate De Verre (2002), the Kraft House Crafts Exhibition (2003), Hot & Cold with Glass (2005), the Glass Festival Exhibition (2006), Contemporary Glass Art - Special Exhibition (2006), SOFA Chicago (2007, 2008), and the 2009 Korean International Art Fair (KIAF). In addition, Kim also hosted an exhibition named the “Eternal Beauty in Nature“.

Taewok Jin Textiles

Taewok Jin designed the uniforms for the 1988 Seoul Olympics, South Korea Air Force Unit 1 (2005) as well as the pilots in 2008. Jin received the Best Designer Prize from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (1994), the Presidential Award on the Trade Day (1996), Elle’s ‘Designer of Year’ (1997), and the Order of Cultural Merits Wreath (2007). In 1991, Jin has proactively participated in the Paris Chambre Syndicale Collection. In 2005, Jin was involved in the publishing work by releasing and publicly displaying her 40 years of work in the portfolio book Jinteok (Beyond Nature) and also the second of the series Jinteok (Beyond Nature 2), which was launched two years later.