2011 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition The Hypothetical Garden

Opening doors to the unknown.


In the 5th installment, the 2011 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition progresses
with the theme ‘The Hypothetical Garden’.
The Hypothetical Garden is a cultural ecological garden conceived on the premise
that “culture is single-bodied organic complex
without borders or classifications between genres.”

Through the simultaneous, organic forms of communication
between humans and nature, nature and culture, tradition and modernity,
and different genres, a predominant part of Korean culture
ceaselessly continues to “transcend time and space and hover between generations,”
transmitting the essence of Korean beauty on a larger scale.

About author

Yonghoon Jang Master Artisan of Hanji*

Since 1955, Yonghoon Jang studied under his father Saekwon Jang and in 2010, he was reputably named the Important Intangible Cultural Asset - 117th Master Artisan of Hanji. Jang has participated in various exhibitions, including the 1st Korea-Japan Joint Traditional Paper Exhibition (2000), Korea Traditional Crafts Artist Exhibition (France, 2001), and A Dream of a Thousand Years - Hanji Exhibition (2004), and the Philadelphia Creative Show (U.S.A., 2001). Through the aforementioned exhibitions, Master Jang continuously promoted and spread the beauty and superiority of the hanji on an international scale. Currently, Jang operates an art studio “Jangji Room” together with his son Sungwoo Jang.
*Hanji – traditional handmade Korean paper

Baeguen Yoo Master Artisan of Hanji* Screen

In 1962, Baegeun Yoo first began the craft of hanji screen and was designated as the 2005 Intangible Cultural Asset of Jeollabuk Province – the 31st Master of Hanji Screen. Yoo has engaged in Korea Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition (2001, 2002) and Madrid Spain Invitational Exhibition (2007). Since 2009, Yoo has been working as an instructor at the Korea Tradition Culture Academy (Hanji Exploration Division).
*Hanji – traditional handmade Korean paper

Youngho Lee Ceramics Art

Youngho Lee graduated from the College of Art at Seoul National University with a major in artistic crafts. Lee has been invited to Korea Tea Culture and Teapot Ceramics Exhibition (2004), Cheongju International Craft Biennale Invitational Author Exhibition (2005), the 4th Annual Gyeonggi Province International Craft Biennale - Ceramics House Exhibition (2007), International Ceramic Exhibition (China, 2010), and more. Additionally, Lee has won the Grand Prize at the Our Beautiful Ceramics Competition (2007) and the Silver Prize at the Gwangju Porcelain Competition (2008).

Sungchoon Park Master Artisan of Topan Salt*

Master Artisan Sungchoon Park inherited the family business in 1986. After attending the Napoli International Salt Exhibition in 2007, Park transformed his ordinary salt farm to one that specializes in Topan salt over the course of three years. In 2008, Park was named the Master Artisan of Topan Salt by Shinan District and in 2009, Hyundai Department Store honored him as one of 20 most distinguished master artisans. Currently, Park supplies Topan salt to Pulmuone--a leading organic food company in Korea.
*Topan salt – the natural salt collected on the salt marshes of mudflat

Yongbok Jeon Lacquer Artisan

After the establishment of Yerin Lacquer Art Research Center in 1980, Yongbok Jeon has worked as a lacquer artist for nearly a decade. In 1989, Jeon moved abroad to Japan to restore the lacquer work of Meguro Ga Jo En (one of Japan’s premium banquet halls); the reconstruction project took nearly three years and since then, Jeon achieved international recognition for his accomplishments. Master Jeon participated in Commemoration Exhibition of “New Intellectual” Presidential Award Ceremony (Japan, 2001), the APEC Anniversary Product Exhibition (2005), Tokyo’s Invitational Exhibition “The Light of Ten Thousand Years” at the Korea Cultural Center of Japan (2009), and various solo exhibitions. Jeon currently runs the Jeon Yongbok Lacquer Research Center and serves as the director of Iwayama Lacquer Art Museum and the chair professor at Yung Sang University in Busan.

Sunhyung Kim Oriental Painting

Sunhyung Kim majored in oriental painting at Honik University Graduate School of Arts. Kim participated in Young Artists Exhibition of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts (1989), the Seoul Art Exhibition (2005), and the Beijing Biennale (2010). Since 1988, Kim has held over 40 solo exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Kim currently serves as an arts education professor at Gyeongin National University of Education.

Donghui Hong Installation Art

Donghui Hong graduated from Hongik University with a bachelor’s degree in western painting. Hong started his work as an artist at the Golden Apple Exhibition in 1990 and vigorously engaged in installation art during the next decade. Since 1999, Hong has been working as an exterior texture designer, showcasing art walls and molded furniture--that are overflowing with vitality and aesthetic value. Hong’s representative work includes the installation of small homes, created using soil and rocks at the Mime Research Center; the exterior and molds objet installation of Tokyo Saikabo; and the molds installation and art wall production of lobby in Namsan State Tower.

Muyeol Park Master Artisan of Metal Crafts

In 1968, Master Muyeol Park started crafting metals and was designated as the 64th Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Metal Crafts in 2000. During his career, Park received the Minister’s Award (1993) and the Special Award (1998) at the Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition.* Master Park ornamented Geonchungung, Hamwhadang, and Jipgyeongdang of Gyeongbok Palace (2006), installed celadon roof tiles of an octagonal pavilion (2009), placed phosphor bronze rooftop ornaments of the National Museum of Korea (2009), and participated in the restoration work of Gwanghwamun (2010).
*Sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Athletics

Yoondong Kim Ceramics Art

Yoondong Kim graduated from Dangook University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in ceramic arts. Kim was invited to participate in the Cheongju International Craft Biennale Invitational Exhibition (2005), the Moon Jar Exhibition of Bangsang Porcelain Museum (2009), the International Ceramics Invitational Exhibition (2011), and many more. Additionally, Kim has opened six solo exhibitions including the Teapots for Tea Exhibition (2010).

Sunkyung Park of Korean Knotting

Since 1982, Sunkyung Park studied under her maternal grandmother (Eunsoon Choi). Designated as the artisan apprentice to complete the training in decorative knotting since 1993, Park is closely following the footsteps of her mother (Bongseop Jung, the current master artisan of Korean decorative knotting). Park received the Participation Award at the Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Exhibition (1990) and showcased her pieces at the Traditional Crafts Exhibition of Beijing Olympics Commemoration (2008), the Korea-Mongolia Intangible Cultural Asset Exhibition (2009), and the Paris Cultural Heritage Exhibition (2010).

Sangbong Han Apprentice of the Bamboo Pyrography Stamp

Since 1974, Sangbong Han studied under his father (Byungmoon Han) and in 2004, Han was designated as the official apprentice to complete the training in bamboo pyrography stamp. Han received several awards including the Special Prize at the Intangible Cultural Handicraft Exhibition (1998), the Special Select Award at Donga Crafts Exhibition (1998), and the Director’s Award at the Korea Crafts Exhibition (2005). Currently, Han serves as the Secretary General of the Jeolla-nam Province Intangible Cultural Preservation Society and a board member of Korea Craft and Design Foundation Subcommittee.