2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition SKIN=NIKS

A new perspective on diverse
relations and the encounter of tradition and modernity


The 8th Sulwha Cultural Exhibition “SKIN=NIKS”
offers a modern reinterpretation of traditional Korean culture
that presents the SKIN as a sensual boundary
between different mediums that exist in harmony and balance.

“SKIN=NIKS” signifies the overturned
environment generated through new settings and experiences
while questioning harmony and balance in the midst of the complexity
and uncertainty of our daily lives.

About author

Kihyun Ahn, Minsu Lee, Minjae Shin AnLstudio

Perceiving differing emotions, AnLstudio built a visual art space “SKIN=NIKS” where people can develop impetus and possibly versatility while interacting with one another. Upon entering the space, we become a component of it and as our senses react, the space becomes remarkably meaningful. However, unlike the definite answers to a test, this space does not have a set meaning nor a purpose. Effortlessly, take it all in as it is, depending on the individuals, it will be sensed in diverse ways.

Hayoon Kim Another Ceramic

Hayoon Kim forges her ceramic ware using clay and other ingredients. These are unlike any other that have been seen or used. The beauty and shape that are radiated from the tableware are usually overlooked by its functionality. Appropriately, the second objet is created centered around that beauty. Tableware can be combined individually to create one objet and the pieces that belong to a table could be hung on the wall or ceiling to serve different functions and formations. Through deviating from its habitual purposes, new shapes and potentials are discovered.

Taesang Cho, Yu Hur, Youngsang Cho, Yoonyi Yi, Seonjoo Yi

“SKIN=NIKS” is not a space full of things that can only be seen or touched. Listen to the sounds and it is not just a sound coming from a single source. A variety of sounds completes the three dimensionality of the space as it resonates in the depth throughout the hall. Reminiscent of a composer drawing out his notes, the composes and appropriately positions the various sounds to create one connected song. Finally, such unchained melody is placed to present the Sound and Music for “SKIN=NIKS.”

Daeho Choi

Daeho Choi believes that skin goes beyond the senses; that every moment of every experience in life originates with the sensations of the skin. The accumulation of our daily experiences create our lives. If those days were the same, would ‘I’ exist? Choi pursues the ‘uniqueness’ of every day - the things that are seemingly consistent yet different, the obvious but special. In this aspect, in which day-to-day life holds many surprises, parallels the significance of “SKIN=NIKS.”

Ahyung Cho Visualozik

Visual logic is experimented diversely through visual language. The type of media used does not matter. Instead, Cho engages in proactive activities of exploring and establishing innovative methodology--that have yet existed--to facilitate new visual experiences. The boundary of individual objects that are accessed together and interact simultaneously is called the interface. Digital language goes beyond visuospatial limitations and creates an interface that enables communication. Just like the touchscreen of a phone that cannot be put down, or even the concrete walls of “SKIN=NIKS.”


2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition "SKIN=NIKS" Gala Event

To present the balance and harmony of beauty through the wisdom of Asia, Sulwhasoo holds a celebratory gala event for the launch of the 2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition. There were many important international and domestic VIPs in attendance that garnered much attention.

2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition, the Interior and Exterior

The 2014 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition takes place at the Sulwhasoo Gallery located in Sinsa-dong of Gangnam, Seoul under the theme "The Modern Reinterpretation of Traditional Culture." The exhibition showcases the elements of tradition that are significant to the five senses and are reinterpreted contemporarily to elicit empathy and exchange between various generations.