2020 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition<Screen, the overlap of traditions
and modern society>

Screen: a space for reinterpreting
We look at traditions and
see the modernity in them.




<Screen, the overlap of traditions and
modern society> is a media artwork
of the
Sulwha Cultural Exhibition celebrating
its 14th anniversary this year.

Just as our ancestors used to enjoy the
changes of scenery as they opened and

closed the Screens and doors in their houses,
utilizing the media wall as media for the "screen"

in downtown we are looking at the traditions,
and we see the modern society from within.

This year was the year that required consolation
more than any other,
Hoping to sympathize with
viewers who are watching through the enormous

Screen in the city and wishing for the
peaceful days to come back to us.

Participating Works Jong Jung Dong, Dong Jung Dong

“Jong Jung Dong, Dong Jung Dong”
presents images constantly shifting between
3D and 2D,
between matter to non-matter,
and between existence and non-existence.

At the end of the 90-second video,
the materials featured in the artwork seem to
with the artwork altogether. However,
when the image tags hidden near the facade
scanned using a smartphone, the images that
disappeared start to emerge on the screen again.

Viewers can explore another space created
with the re-emerging images
layered on top
of the actual physical space in Samseong-dong,
and immerse
themselves in the lingering
emotions and feelings evoked by the video.

Diverse ways of
experiencing the artwork

You don't have to feel bad that the
short 90-second viewing time is over.

If you just tag on the ‘QR code’ attached on
the road near COEX Artium
with a smart
device, you can bring back the objects
in the artwork and take photo together.

About Author Ye Seung Lee

Media artist Ye Seung Lee

Media artist Ye Seung Lee has hosted

a number of solo exhibitions,
“The Green Cabinet”
(Art Space BOAN, 2014),

“Moving Moments” (Gallery Chosun, 2015),

and “Moving but Moving Still but Moving

(Dong Jung Dong, Jong Jung Dong)”

(Gallery Art Side, 2016).

Upon completing his residency at the
Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art (2011),
the artist
has been active on the art scene both

domestically and internationally with works
at the
SeMA Nanji Residency (2013 ~ 2014),
Seoul Art Space
Geumchon (2015), Asia
Culture Center (2016), and
ZERO1NE (2019).
Currently the artist is researching
a wide
variety of future scenarios that may become

reality in tomorrow’s technology-basedsocieties.