Revitalizing and Refreshing

Revitalizing and Refreshing

It is good to drink a moderate amount of cold tea made from ingredients that are easily found around you. In addition, it is beneficial to your body because it takes away the heat and enhances your health.

Drink a cool lemon ginger tea The bitter and spicy flavors of ginger are great antioxidants that defy aging and promote urination in order to relieve bloating. Sprinkle sugar over a thinly sliced lemon and ginger, and let it cure for 1-2 days in a jar before refrigerating.

Yuzu tea is full of vitamins Yuzu is not just rich in vitamins, but it also improves your immune system as it contains citric acid. It is also rich in calcium, which helps strengthen your bones. You can also enjoy yuzu tea by mixing it with ice in your blender.

Drink omija tea for energy Omija is named for its five tastes, namely, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty. It not only revitalizes the five internal organs, but it also generates and retains energy inside the body. Carry it in a tumbler and drink it as often as you need to stay full of energy.

Plum tea is better than medicine Plums are also known as green medicine for more than 3,000 years. They help relieve fatigue due to their catechin content for detoxification and sterilization.