Hangawi: Nurturing the Virtues of Consideration and Sharing

Hangawi: Nurturing the Virtues of Consideration and Sharing

Hangawi: Nurturing the Virtues of Consideration and Sharing

It is said, “May all days be like Hangawi.”That is because Hangawi(“autumn” in Korean) is the best season of the year,as it is not too hot nor too cold. However, the exciting season of autumn is not just about the weather. Autumn is a blessing on the sky and land, and a season of festivals. Autumn is also the season of ‘Hangawi: the Day of Amusement’. Hangawi is a big day in the middle of August. Everyone’s heart is filled with joy and abundance with the grains and fruits that have grown through the severe cold of winter and the sizzling heat of summer. The abundance leads to the warmth of cooperation and coexistence, where all people gather to make and share delicious food.

Fresh bean soup with sweet rice balls

The first appetizer is fresh bean soup, served as a light drink. The sweet fresh beans harvested around Chuseok are steamed, ground, and run through a cotton cloth. This soup is fun to sip with sweet and chewy rice balls.

Stir-fried Sarcodon aspratus and vegetables

Sarcodon aspratus is rich in various vitamins and amino acids, and great for strengthening the immune system. Stir-fry Sarcodon aspratus with sesame oil and mix it with separately stir-fried vegetables.

Steamed chicken and dried pollack

Because around Chuseok, chicks born in spring become healthy chickens, chicken dishes in Chuseok have always been considered tastier and better than beef dishes. You can have chicken that becomes even chewier and more tender when you chop it into pieces and pan-fry it in oil before steaming it with dried pollack soaked in water.


Steamed chestnuts are peeled and grated with a cheese grater. Then honey, cinnamon powder, and ground pine nuts are added to them and molded into chestnut shapes.


This is a Korean snack that used to be served in the palace. It is made with the spicy taste of ginger, the sweet taste of honey, and the nutty taste of pine nuts. You can enjoy a richer taste when you add honey to minced ginger and boil it until the ginger becomes clear.