Chuncheon & Taupo

You can feel that fall is just around the corner when the scorching sun burning the sand beach has surrendered. Those who refused to go outside during the height of summer start getting on a train to Chuncheon with a load of excitement because they know about the beauty of traveling in fall. In fall, Chuncheon, which means ‘a stream of spring,’ gives you the excitement of running into your loved one on the street because of Chuncheon’s picture-perfect view surrounded by lakes and low hills. It has always been crowded with tourists as a milestone of the young generation and the Korean Wave, and you will find how beautiful it is once you take some time to look around. Among a number of cities in the world that goes well with the description of ‘a lake city’ as Chuncheon, Taupo in the northern island of New Zealand is hardly a city because it is covered with natural settings. Lake Taupo around Taupo is known as the largest lake in New Zealand that is the same size as Seoul and extends beyond the horizon like a sea. Created a long time ago by a massive explosion, it is a sacred land of exquisite views and outdoor activities including yachting and bungee jumping. Its lake has many things in common with the lake of Chuncheon, but also remarkably different.

If you look into Joong Hwan Lee’s , you can realize the auspicious energy of Chuncheon. The water streams of Chuncheon are the veins that transmit not just the benefit of life, but also culture. Lake Uiam, which makes Chuncheon a lake city, blocks the valley of Sinhyeon River around Uiam Dam and Lake Soyang on a winding road that is a destination for a cruise ride with the magnificent view of Soyanggang Dam and the dock. With its marvelous mountains, Chuncheon is a place that satisfies even those who are not very fond of water. It takes about an hour to look around Lake Taupo aboard a ferry, but there is nothing tedious about it. Lake Taupo changes constantly according to the weather, so the water is far from being static. You may be lucky enough to come across a beautiful black swan amongst the countless yachts on one side of the clear lake. Once you take a deep breath by the dignified Lake Caldera that was created a long time ago by a great explosion, you will breathe out as a sign of relief and grin at the view of a lake that instantly colors the water flowing slowly yet ceaselessly as if it is guiding the time.