Wien & Abu Dhabi

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is renowned as the ‘city of arts.’ The entire city is filled with the beautiful spirit of classical music, fine art, and architecture. There are performing centers and art museums relishing the gems of art that are shining throughout the city, overwhelming the ordinary traveler. You will not be able to stop smiling even if you lose your way in the Vienna Art Museum, where you can enjoy the centuries-old collections of the Habsburg Haus. Established in 1981, this is a massive stone building with a dome roof built by German architect G. Semper. Named as one of the three major art museums in the world along with the Louvre in Paris and Prado Art Museum in Madrid, there are full of monumental masterpieces of art history. You can come face-to-face with Klimp’s famous <Kiss> at the Palaces of Belvedere, enticing you with a Baroque garden and a large pond. The romantic, golden scene feels completely new and impressive although you are already familiar with it. Vienna is likewise known as a ‘city of music,’ as it is where Beethoven spent most of his life, where Schubert was born, and where Mozart’s glory flourished. Its golden eras are proven by the memorials and the status of the greatest musicians in history in Downtown Vienna.

While Vienna is considered a sacred land of classical art, Abu Dhabi is an art oasis that has just begun to rise. Abu Dhabi is a young city in the United Arab Emirates, which consists of seven emirates. Last November 2017, Saadiyat Island near Abu Dhabi opened Louvre Abu Dhabi, a branch of the Louvre in France. Louvre Abu Dhabi is Louvre’s first branch, and is the first worldclass museum located in the Middle East. This fantastic space, which was created by French architect Jean Nouvel, allows you to experience and realize universal space and the flow of time with light coming through 7,850 panels on the massive domeshaped roof. The timeline of art, from the beginning of mankind through today, is presented so marvelously. Starting with Louvre Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi is dreaming to turn over as a global hub of culture and arts. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, which is seven times more spectacular than the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Zayed National Museum, and the Oceanographic Museum are waiting to debut in splendid structures that will also serve as new landmarks. This golden desert city, which has been established less than half a century old, is filled with newly constructed buildings. It is the arena of modern architecture. The bizarre harmony of supermodern skyscrapers and the pure-white beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is truly a piece of art. The meaning of art that transcends time and culture is as close to you as a breath of fresh air.