The Natural Luminosity of skin with the flawless finish

KOREA | 2014.06.10

The secret of skin for a new appearance unveiled by 4 beauty & appearance experts
The Natural Luminosity of skin with the flawless finish

Those with favorable appearances regardless of age or looks have one thing in common: their skin is embraced by natural luminosity. Here are four beauty & appearance experts who have focused on the fact that natural luminosity is the foundation for beautifully precious skin of women.

“As the finishing prescription is important in Korean Herbal Medicine, ‘natural luminosity’ can be achieved with the flawless finishing care in the last step of skincare. – Hye Moon Wang, Korean Herbal Medicine Specialist

Skin luminosity in the Korean Herbal Medicine is the vitality from the healthy energy that flows throughout the body. Since the old times, the skin with ‘natural luminosity’ has been known as the skin in its healthiest state. The natural luminosity of skin is the indicator of beauty of healthier, younger skin and the essence of skin that many women want so desperately. In Korean Herbal Medicine, finishing prescription to maximize the efficacies of main prescription is considered as important as the main prescription. If you can conceal and finish the skincare formula you apply, you can have natural luminosity.

“The common secret of successful people is the natural luminosity of skin.”– Eun Young Song, Image Consultant

All successful people have one thing in common: the good appearance. The skin contributes to the good appearance as much as the looks do and the glow over your skin plays a major role to decide the appearance of women. The blemishes and wrinkles can be concealed by makeup, but the natural luminosity comes from deep within and cannot be made artificially. The natural luminosity of skin is completed by ongoing care and it is important to provide flawless care from start to finish.

“The natural luminosity of skin is the ‘essence of beauty’!”– Joo Hee Han, Beauty Columnist

The skin takes a big part of beauty and the naturally luminous skin with a solid foundation makes you look different. The natural luminosity of skin does not simply refer to the shine on the surface, but it means the preciousness of clarity and glow from the vitality deep within. It is good to cover the skin with a protective barrier after skincare to conceal the nutrients inside.

“The natural luminosity of skin determines the favorable first impression.” – Min Young Lee, Corporate Training Instructor

The first impression you make is the most important part of your job interviews. The appearance affects your attitude to adjust to the company’s corporate culture and develop with it. The appearance that makes ‘a good first impression’ mostly has natural luminosity to show others that you take a good care of yourself with a healthy lifestyle. Skincare is an important part of self-maintenance and you should take a good care of your skin from start to finish.

All four beauty & appearance experts agree that the natural luminosity of skin is the most important factor of your appearance and the finish of skincare is important for the natural luminosity. Therefore, they recommend Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher for the flawless finish of skincare to complete the elegance of ‘naturally luminous skin’.

Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher is used in the last step of skincare for deeper penetration of nourishment and to lock in the moisture for the naturally healthy skin condition with natural luminosity.

Locsamhyo™, the major ingredient of Luminature Essential Finisher, is an optimized complex of green tea and ginseng, which are the major traditional ingredients of Asia that reflect Sulwhasoo’s years of knowhow, and helps with the clarity, glow, and hydration level of skin.

About Sulwhasoo

Delivering the Asian beauty beyond Korea, Sulwhasoo is a global luxury brand that completes harmonious beauty with the precious ingredients of Korean wisdom and the formula of modern science, based on the Asian philosophy of Harmony and Balance. First Care Activating Serum, the first Korean herbal medicine ‘boosting essence’ formulated to apply right after cleansing, is Sulwhasoo’s unmatched best-seller and steady-seller that has even changed many women’s skincare habits. First Care Activating Serum has applied Jaumdan, which is Sulwhasoo’s key formula containing the five ingredients selected among the 3,000 ingredients of Korean herbal medicine in perfect ratio, to restore the balance of skin for healthier skin. Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, containing all nutrients of ginseng from the roots to the berries, is the outcome of Sulwhasoo’s years of research and another signature product of brand. It applies the bioconversion technology to convert ginseng saponin into a skin-friendly active ingredient. Sulwhasoo launched in Hong Kong (China), the battleground of global brands and the window to Asian market, in 2004, and has opened stores in Shanghai and many other major cities around the world, starting with New York in 2010 and Beijing in 2011. It has also launched in Singapore in 2012 and extended the territories to other major Asian markets, including Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.