Sulwhasoo ‘2017 Holiday Limited Edition’

INTERNATIONAL | 2017.11.03
Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Makeup Limited Edition

Wishing You a Warm Holiday
Sulwhasoo ‘2017 Holiday Limited Edition’

  • - The limited editions contain Sulwhasoo’s signature and popular products, designing the concept of sky lanterns into the package to share best wishes

Sulwhasoo, holistic beauty brand which delivers the beauty of harmony and balance inspired by Asian philosophy and wisdom, launches ‘2017 Holiday Limited Edition’ in time for the holiday season, sharing hopes that everyone's wish will come true.

This year, Sulwhasoo has incorporated the mystical beauty of sky lanterns into the ‘2017 Holiday Limited Edition’, conveying a message of hope and good luck. Traditionally on New Year's Eve, people in many countries across Asia write down their wishes on lanterns and release lighted lanterns into the night sky. Sulwhasoo’s ‘2017 Holiday Edition’ delivers the mystic splendor unique to Asia with the packaging design evoking the night sky graced with floating star-like lanterns.

Sulwhasoo ‘2017 Holiday Limited Edition’ comprises the brand’s globally best-selling signature products as well as scented products and men’s skincare products that are popular gift items.

‘First Care Activating Serum EX Holiday Limited’ includes Sulwhasoo’s steady-seller, ‘First Care Activating Serum EX’, which brings skin back to balance for healthy radiance. This special edition also contains trial-size ‘Essential Firming Cream EX’, ‘Essential Balancing Water’ and ‘Essential Balancing Emulsion’ that offer comprehensive skincare.

‘Perfecting Cushion EX Holiday Limited’ features Sulwhasoo’s representative Cushion foundation and global million-seller, ‘Perfecting Cushion EX’, that creates flawless-looking skin with a moisturizing touch. The set also includes trial-size ‘Essential Lip Serum Stick’ and ‘Makeup Balancer’ to add the perfect finishing touch to a makeup look.

‘First Peace Holiday Limited’ contains full-size ‘First Peace Hand Cream’ and trial-size ‘First Peace Candle’ infused with First Peace, Sulwhasoo’s signature scent that restores balance with the serene and refreshing energy of a morning forest.

‘Plum Blossom Holiday Limited’ contains full-size ‘Plum Blossom Hand Cream’ and trial-size ‘Plum Blossom Candle’ infused with the vitality and nobility of plum blossom.

‘Sulwhasoo Men Holiday Limited Gift Set’ is a special gift edition for men. The set contains ‘Inner Charging Serum’, a water-gel textured serum which fundamentally addresses signs of aging by enhancing the skin’s regeneration along with trial-size ‘Refreshing Cleansing Foam’.

Carrying wishes of good luck for loved ones, Sulwhasoo ‘2017 Holiday Limited Edition’ will be available at Sulwhasoo counters at department stores nationwide, Sulwhasoo Flagship Store and Amorepacific Mall ( from November.

First Care Activating Serum EX Holiday Limited

  • Full-size First Care Activating Serum EX (90ml)
  • Trial-size Essential Firming Cream EX (15ml), Essential Balancing Water (15ml), and Essential Balancing Emulsion (15ml)

Perfecting Cushion EX Holiday Limited

  • Full-size Perfecting Cushion EX (Select one from No. 15, No. 21 and No. 23)
  • Trial-size Essential Lip Serum Stick No. 8 (1.1g), Makeup Balancer No. 1 (4ml)

First Peace Holiday Limited

  • Full-size First Peace Hand Cream (40ml)
  • Trial-size First Peace Candle (30g)

Scent of Plum Blossom Holiday Limited

  • Full-size Plum Blossom Hand Cream (40ml)
  • Trial-size Plum Blossom Candle (30g)

Sulwhasoo Men Holiday Limited Gift Set

  • Full-size Inner Charging Serum (140ml)
  • Trial-size Refreshing Cleansing Foam (30ml)

About Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo offers the ultimate skin solution that treats the skin from within by incorporating modern skin science into legendary ingredients infused with timeless Asian wisdom and presents holistic beauty to restore balance between body and mind. The Sulwhasoo brand gains wisdom from the laws of nature, pursues beauty reminiscent of nature with precious natural ingredients and delivers beauty of harmony and balance between body and mind by creating beauty from the inside out. Sulwhasoo globally promotes the value of holistic beauty with the JAUM Balancing Complex™, an optimal blend of five ingredients, carefully selected from more than 3,000 medicinal herbs, Korean ginseng, the legendary ingredient that makes Sulwhasoo’s unique formulas even more special, and Sulwhasoo’s cutting-edge Bio-conversion Technology™. As of 2017, Sulwhasoo has established itself as an Asian Beauty Creator, operating in 12 global markets around the world such as South Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the US, Canada and France.