Sulwhasoo launches the DTD-only
“Essential Perfecting Line”

INTERNATIONAL | 2019.11.01
설화수, 방판 전용 ‘에센셜 퍼펙팅 라인’ 출시

Sulwhasoo launches the DTD-only “Essential Perfecting Line”

- A new product line reflected customer feedback through DTD counselors’ participation in product development developed specifically for DTD(Door-to-door) channel.
- The Essential Perfecting line features a toner, emulsion and two different cream products

Korea’s leading luxury beauty brand Sulwhasoo launched its Essential Perfecting line, an excellent source of nourishment and improved resilience across all four seasons of the year.

Developed based on feedback and input from Door-to-Door (DTD) sales counselors at Amorepacific, the “Essential Perfecting line” was created exclusively for Sulwhasoo’s DTD channel.
- some of Amorepacific’s top counselors participated throughout each phase of development to find the perfect formula and texture desirable among DTD consumers. Also, Sulwhasoo tested the Essential Perfecting line with a consumer panel consisting of 100 “real” DTD consumers to verify the usability and efficacies of each product.

For the Essential Perfecting line, Sulwhasoo put significant emphasis on nourishing products and cream-type products, both of which are popular among DTD consumers.
In addition to the “Essential Perfecting Water” (toner product) and the “Essential Perfecting Emulsion” (emulsion product), the Essential Perfecting lineup features two cream-type products that deliver different benefits.

All Essential Perfecting products contain what is called the JAUM Nourishing Complex™, a combination of LYCIUM CHINENSE FRUIT EXTRACT, HYDROLYZED SOYBEAN EXTRACT, PUERARIA LOBATA ROOT EXTRACT, and Honey, to infuse dry and fatigued skin with nourishment and resilience to keep it healthy across all four seasons of the year.

The Essential Perfecting Water, which has a satisfyingly thick texture, fills in every pore and crease in the skin and supplies moisture to keep skin well-hydrated. Meanwhile, the Essential Perfecting Emulsion spreads smoothly and gets absorbed rapidly into skin to replenish it with nutrients much faster.
The “Essential Perfecting Firming Cream” contains Dwarf lilyturf extract on top of all the other ingredients used in the Essential Perfecting line to create firm and radiant skin. It is the perfect cream for customers concerned about their facial contours and silhouette starting to collapse or deteriorate due to aging.
For customers looking for a powerful moisturizing product capable of improving their dry and coarse skin, Sulwhasoo recommends the “Essential Perfecting Moisturizing Cream.”

The Sulwhasoo Essential Perfecting line is available through Amorepacific counselors in the DTD channel.

  • [Product Information]
    Essential Perfecting Water
    ■ Volume: 125ml
    Gel-type toner that comforts and protects the skin across all four seasons

  • Essential Perfecting Emulsion
    ■ Volume: 125ml
    A nutrient-rich emulsion that keeps skin comfortable and smooth, while protecting it from the elements across all four seasons

  • Essential Perfecting Firming Cream
    ■ Volume: 75ml
    A resilience-boosting nourishing cream containing the JAUM Nourishing Complex™ and dwarf lilyturf extracts to boost nutrient, resilience, and radiance levels across all four seasons

  • Essential Perfecting Moisturizing Cream
    ■ Volume: 50ml
    A year-round moisture-intense nourishing cream that replenishes skin with moisture and nourishment to eliminate any unpleasant tightness deep inside the skin

About Sulwhasoo

Inspired by the ultimate beauty of plum blossoms blooming in the snow, Sulwhasoo, Korea’s leading luxury beauty brand, presents timeless beauty, conveying the true aesthetics found from the philosophy of harmony and balance, tradition and modernity. The Sulwhasoo brand gains wisdom from the laws of nature, pursues beauty reminiscent of nature with precious natural ingredients and delivers beauty of harmony and balance between the body and the mind by creating beauty from the inside out. Sulwhasoo globally promotes the value of holistic beauty with the legendary ingredient such as the Jaum Balancing Complex™ and Korean ginseng, which contains the wisdom of Asia, with Sulwhasoo’s unique cutting-edge technology. As of 2018, Sulwhasoo has established itself as an authentic global brand, operating in 12 global markets around the world such as South Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the US, Canada and France, by conveying Korean traditional beauty and value to all around the world.