The Exuberance of Five Major Fragrances Fills Sulwhasoo Flagship Store


This October 2018, Sulwhasoo Flagship Store offers a special space where customers can have a sensory experience with the brand’s five major fragrances that can help soothe and beautify mind and body.

Inspired by “Hyangseo,” the ancient Korean book on fragrances, Sulwhasoo presents five major fragrances completing authentic holistic beauty. The major fragrances are a modern reinterpretation of the Korean traditional method of creating fragrances, for ancestors in Korea had long believed that fragrance helped control the mind, which in turn controlled the body and life.
According to the classic Korean book on medicine Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine), a deflection of the “Seven Emotions” can cause sickness in the mind as manifested through physical ailment. Based on this logic, Sulwhasoo created five prescriptions: First Peace to control the emotions with greater fluctuations, such as anger and joy; Forest Morning and Gentle Blossom to combine soothing and purifying forces; and Capturing Moment and Inner Fullness to combine rejuvenating and replenishing forces to control static emotions, such as sorrow and anxiety.
Based on a clean, cool scent reminiscent of strolling in a lush forest lined with sandalwood and Korean fir trees, Forest Morning can awaken your senses in harmony with nature. Gentle Blossom can pleasantly clarify your mood with the fragrance of plum flowers and fruits in their most elegant form surviving the frigid white snow. First Peace, based on Oriental herbs and JAUM Balancing Complex™, captures in full the noble elegance of subtle light and the cleanliness of transparent air filling the world and delicately awakens the forces of life. Filled with the freshness of Korean raspberries and apricots, Capturing Moment can invigorate your mood with the liveliest scent from fruits bursting with the energy of sunlight. Lastly, Inner Fullness, the fragrance made from the concentrated energy of ginger and ginseng roots, can surreptitiously deliver a sense of elegant warmth over time.

Inspired by the root, fruit, flower, tree, and leaf found in Korean nature, the five delicate and beautiful major fragrances by Sulwhasoo meet First Care Activating Serum EX and Serenedivine Oil. Enjoy the perfectly timely journey of your sensory experience at the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store.