2019 VIP CLASS: the First Story

매화자개무드등 제작 사진

The Sulwhasoo Flagship Store offers special experiences and benefits to VIP customers. Each year, Sulwhasoo selects VIPs according to the brand’s selection criteria. The purpose is to help important customers feel closer to the brand.

2019 VIP 클래스 현장 사진

On February 14, the store organized the “2019 VIP Class: the First Story” event with the brand’s top 20 customers.

At the thank-you event at the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store, invited customers participated in the Beauty Class on the 2019 beauty trends and customized styling proposed by the Sulwhasoo makeup artist as well as the Culture Class where they learned to make mother of pearl lamps engraved with plum flower. Inspired by plum flowers as the motif of the Sulwhasoo brand and lanterns as the design motif of the flagship store, the lamp was made meaningful by being personalized through handcrafts and designs during the class.

VIP customers were delighted to have experienced something new -- “I was infinitely impressed with the makeup artist who taught me how to use new products in detail,” “I was pleased with the classy Culture Class where I could make a pretty and special lamp,” “The session was enriching and beautiful, and I learned that the brand exerted a lot of effort to make the Beauty and Culture Classes memorable.”

Sulwhasoo plans to continue various classes that can inspire and enrich all five senses of customers.