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The elegance of the Timetreasure line
Saekdong Chest
Timetreasure Classic Luxury Set

The elegance of the Timetreasure line
Saekdong Chest
Timetreasure Classic Luxury Set

Sulwhasoo Classic Luxury Set

Sulwhasoo cherishes Korea's beautiful traditional culture and value, the very root of the Korean people, and believes that when tradition and modernity coexist in harmony can beauty with a greater value be completed. Based on such a belief, Sulwhasoo aims to recreate the essence of Korean beauty with the finest craftsmen of Korea specializing in reproducing Korean culture. The Sulwhasoo Classic Luxury Set epitomizing the spirit of craftsmanship presents beauty at a higher level today.

2019 진설 명작세트 이미지

Timetreasure Classic Luxury Set (Saekdong* Chest)

The 2019 Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Classic Luxury Set: Inspired by Korean traditional "Five Color Schemes" symbolizing the harmony of nature, "Saekdong Chest" is a handcrafted chest made of red pine decorated with wood dyed in five colors using wooden inlay technique. The age-old materials exuding an auspicious energy of the work mimics the elegance an beauty of the Timetreasure line.

* Saekdong : stripes of many colors

Wood Inlay

"Wooden inlay is one of Korean traditional techniques, which involves embedding
wooden pieces or other materials into a hollow relief space in the surface of wood.

Wooden Furniture Maker

Gyeongsangnam-do Intangible Cultural Property No.29 Kim Dong Kooi

김동귀 소목장

  • 주요이력
  • 2005年 경남과학기술대학교 인테리어재료공학과 교수
  • 2009年 대한명인회 목상감 명인
  • 2012年 경상남도 무형문화재 제 29호 소목장(목상감)지정
  • 다수의 국내외 개인전 및 초대전(일본, 브라질, 서울 外)
김동귀 소목장 주요 이력 이미지
김동귀 소목장 주요 이력 이미지
김동귀 소목장 작업 모습 이미지

The 2019 Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Classic Luxury Set, "Saekdong Chest" is a work by Kim
Dong- Kooi, No. 29 Gyeongsangnam-do Intangible Cultural Property, who aims to continue
the beauty and usage of Korean traditional wooden furniture with a modern sensibility.

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How to keep and handle the box

  • · Given that each crafted work is handmade, each product may slightly differ.
  • · When it is used for the first time, it may have the particular odor of wood and natural paint.
  • · Avoid using the chest under direct sunlight or in the highly humid place.
  • · Regular cleaning with dry and soft cloth can help maintain the natural luster of the wooden chest.
  • · When contaminated, gently wipe away using vegetable oil.
Product / Timetreasure Classic Luxury Set
Size/ 500mm x 200mm x 280mm
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