Invigorating Red Ginseng Ampoule

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Invigorating Red Ginseng Ampoule
  • Size 20g*30

Invigorating Red Ginseng Ampoule drink that helps improve blood circulation and fatigue to boost your energy.

Ultra Heaven* Red Ginseng, embodying years of the earth’s energy

Ginseng needs years of dedicated nurturing before it can pass Sulwhasoo's uncompromising quality standards. Only carefully selected Korean ginseng goes through the Ultra Heaven* Process to be reborn as the richly efficacious Ultra Heaven* Red Ginseng.
* Developed with scientific research into advanced ginseng processing, the Ultra Heaven Process utilizes high pressure technology to maximize the efficacious properties of ginseng.

Ginseng Berry, a precious treasure after a four year wait

Ginseng berries can only be harvested once in a ginseng plant’s lifetime, during the fourth year of growth. The Invigorating Red Ginseng Ampoule contains Ginseng Berry extract, which is made with bright red, matured ginseng berries.
*Ginseng Berry is a ginseng berry extract made with AMOREPACIFIC’s special technology.

An everyday ampoule-type health supplement that helps boost your energy

With its rich, smooth taste and smell, the Invigorating Red Ginseng Ampoule is a health supplement that can be taken one ampoule a day to help boost your energy.

How to use

For adults, take once a day. Ingest one ampoule (20g), or mix it in cold or hot water according to preference.

Nutrient Information

Content per daily intake (20g)

Nutrient Information
Calories Carbohydrates Saccharide Protein Fat Sodium
40kcal 10g(3%) 5g 0g(0%) 0g(0%) 0mg(0%)

Functional or effective ingredient: Rg1+Rb1+Rg3=16mg
※ Figures in ( ) indicate ratios of daily nutritional value

Red Ginseng : Improves immunity, relieves fatigue, promotes blood circulation by controlling platelet coagulation, improves memory, and provides an anti-oxidant effect

Product Information

Food Type

Functional health food/ Red ginseng product/ 600g (20g X 30 pouches)

Ingredients & Content

Red Ginseng Extract (Korea) (Mixing ratio of ingredients: Red Ginseng Root 70%, Red ginseng tail root 30%), Purified water, Malto-oligosaccharides(Origin: Russia, Hungary, Serbia, etc.), Green grape concentrate (USA), Resistant maltodextrin, Honey (Korea), Prune concentrate, Ginseng Berry Extract

Cautions in Consumption

Take this product with great care if you are taking medicine (diabetic medicine, anticoagulant).
- Pregnant or breastfeeding adults or those with disease or children should consult their doctor before taking this product.
- People who are prone to allergy should consume this product with care.


Keep the product in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and hot and humid place.
Consume immediately after opening.

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