Hand Wash Black Essence

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Hand Wash Black Essence
  • Functions
  • Size 300ml

Product Characteristics

Infused with rich Korean herbal oils, this intense, moisturizing gel formula embraces your hands with a soft texture and leaves a dewy finish. Sulwhasoo Hand Wash is enriched with a deep well of energy and holds an unforgettable and rich fragrance.

mild skin formula The mild, sulfate-free gel formula creates a lather imbued with moisture that smoothly cleanses the hands and moisturizes deep within the skin.
Organic Korean herbal oil that enriches the skin naturally Sulwhasoo Hand Wash is infused with ample amounts of Ginseng seed oil and Korean pine seed oil, with efficacies that leave your skin feeling moisturized and healthy
Beauty for your skin, luxury for your home Even the container conveys anticipation of an elevated treatment for your hands. Inspired by an ancient Korean white porcelain vase, the marble neck design reinterprets tradition with beautiful objet.

Sulwhasoo’s fragrance record, "Black Essence"

Deep energy emitted by the roots
from deep into the ground concentrates on you for state of inner fullness.

How to Use

How to Use

Pump an appropriate amount onto wet hands, lather, then rinse.