Plum Blossom Sachet

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Plum Blossom Sachet
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  • Size 40g

The scents of nature to calm your heart and awaken the emotions.

Inspired by the wisdom of Korean ancestors who realized the laws of life by emptying the minds and observing the nature in humility such as plum blossoms, pine trees, camellia, and bamboo at dawn, we have created Sulwhasoo’s signature scents that awakens the emotions deep within.
We invite you to experience the essence of Holistic Beauty with the signature scents of Sulwhasoo that reinterprets the traditional scents of Korea with modern sentiments to awaken the emotions deep within.

The scents of nature smearing through the fabric

The harmony of dried lotus flowers and peony scented with the signature scents of Sulwhasoo fill in your closets, drawers, cars, and other everyday spaces and diffuse the natural breath of delicacy.

Fragrance Character

This is subtle scent that resembles the vitality and the value of white plum blossoms.

Emotional Effect

It gives vitality and energy to tired bodies and minds. It serves to replenish (+) the deficiency of energy for the harmony of Yin and Yang.

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