Luxury White Jade Massager

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Luxury White Jade Massager
  • Size 1 EA / 105g
Product Characteristics

100% white jade massager for face and neck care to lift and relax skin tense
(use for facial and body care)

Unique massager crafted with Sulwhasoo’s deep expertise With design completed using knowledge and experience of Sulwhasoo, it easily relaxes sag lines and cramped muscles from face to neck while also providing lifting care.
100% delicately polished precious white jade Made by carefully polishing 100% white jade, the massager helps relax tenseness, leaving your skin smoother.
A private beauty ritual in your own home Lavish your skin with an acupressure effect using easy-to-follow beauty methods based on Asian wisdom.
Massage tense body muscles with ease You can use this massager to massage any parts of body that tend to stiffen easily, such as the shoulders, arms, and legs.

Proven Results

How the Luxury White Jade Massager can help improve your face and body

After 2 week using the Luxury White Jade Massager * Test subjects: 34 Women 40~55 years of age | Test period: 2 weeks | Research Institute: Remotion

Overall Satisfaction

Satisfaction of acupressure, Relaxing cramped skin,
Comfortable feeling after use, Easy beauty steps

제품 사용 후 지압 효과, 뭉친 부위 긴장 완화, 사용 후 편안해지는 기분, 사용법에 전반적으로 만족을 느낀 사람이 100%인 그래프

My skin feels firmer.


My skin feels more rejuvenated.


My skin feels brighter.


My skin feels improvement in my dull skin.


My skin feels less swollen.


My skin feels better when used with Sulwhasoo’s anti aging Cream.


How to Use

How to Use

Facial Beauty Ritual

Body Care Beauty Ritual

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