Sejak Green Tea

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Sejak Green Tea
  • Size 1.5g*10EA

A cup of tea can breathe nature into body and mind.

Captured in a cup of tea is a fresh breath of living nature

The greenness of a fine spring day awakens your five senses, while the lively and aromatic scent brings refreshment to daily lives. With its clear, comforting energy reaching body and mind,the tea collection offers holistic beauty connecting the outer and inner worlds.

Freshness of spring gently spreads and uplifts

Traditional green tea from young tea leaves picked during Gokwoo,(one of Korean traditional season) with savory and delicate flavor

Sulwhasoo X Osulloc Tea Collection

Sulwhasoo Tea Collection is the product of Sulwhasoo's aesthetics combined with Osulloc's expertise in tea.

How to use

Pour 70~80°C water over tea bag per cup and infuse for 2 minutes and drink it.

STEP1 - 참고 일러스트

1.70~80 ° C

STEP2 - 참고 일러스트

2.150 ml

STEP3 - 참고 일러스트

3.2 min