Sulwhasoo Hand Cream Black Essence

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Sulwhasoo Hand Cream Black Essence
  • Size 40ml
Product Characteristics

Rare Korean herbal oil provides a dewy glow while deeply moisturizing dry hands. This hand cream’s beautiful fragrance awakens emotions in balance with nature.

Two Types: Rich and Light Choose between two textures and use according to season or skin type. The rich texture is thick yet smooth while the light texture is refreshing.
Moisturizing effect of Korean herbal oil derived from nature Nourishes and moisturizes dry and parched hands with the enhanced moisturizing effects of rare pine-nut oil.
5 Sulwhasoo fragrance experiences Sulwhasoo’s 5 fragrances are tailored to perfectly suit the body, reinterpreting Korean traditional fragrance culture in a contemporary way. This fragrance offers an experience that awakens damaged skin and emotions deep inside.

Sulwhasoo’s fragrance record, "Black Essence"

Deep energy emitted by the roots
from deep into the ground concentrates on you for state of inner fullness.

How to Use

How to Use

Apply an appropriate amount to dry skin frequently.