Annual revenue of 1 Billion USD,the product of dedication and tenacity

Sulwhasoo’s significant accomplishment of 1 billion USD in annual revenue is based on its current business stability in Korea and around the world as a global brand representing Korea. Beyond mere supply of products, Sulwhasoo has explored a new category regarding Asian medicinal herbs and beauty products utilizing Asian wisdom and philosophy, as well as creating K-Beauty products based on a solid foundation. In 2015, Sulwhasoo is the one and only Korean brand that has recorded a yearly revenue of 1 billion USD in the beauty industry. Starting with Hong Kong (China) in 2004, Sulwhasoo has opened its stores in the U.S. in 2010, Mainland China in 2011, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand in 2012, and Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia in 2013 in order to hasten its pursuit of global market expansion. Sulwhasoo achieved a growth close to 40% in the Korean market and it has reached the highest revenue in department stores for 10 consecutive years since 2005. Its business has steadily flourished in 10 countries worldwide. Based on these records, Sulwhasoo is planning to expand its global growth in order to become Asia’s No. 1 brand in 2016, as well as one of the world’s Top 7 brands by 2020. Never forgetting that a brand cannot survive without its customers’ trust and support, it will present innovative products that can impress both local and overseas consumers. Sulwhasoo will continue to spread the value of a global luxury beauty brand through its consumer brand-related activities.