Decorating with only the most precious and the most beautiful accessories

Norigae was one of the most popular women’s accessories in the old times. It was worn on the ties of their Jeogori (top) or around the waist to enhance the beauty of Hanbok. Norigae representing the beauty of Korean handicraft with jewelry craft and traditional knotting techniques. Daesamjak Norigae, mostly worn for special ceremonies, is the most glamorous and largest accessories as 3 Norigaes are tied into one. Daesamjak Norigae created extravagant beauty with three straps of precious jewelry and various colors in the form of a pair of butterflies, corals, or amber. The butterflies were carved out of jade, and decorated with silver plating, pearls, and coral beads. Also, two pieces of coral were connected to the covering ring with elaborate patterns to make them look like three pieces of coral branches. The amber pieces were engraved with flower and leaf patterns. Ttidon was connected to the knots with patterns of good luck, and tassels in three different colors were attached to each piece of ornament.
Norigae was the major accessory for traditional wardrobes, and was similar to the brooches of our Westernized styles today. Artist Minji Cho has worked with accessories that were inspired by nature and life. This piece expresses leaves and flowers with silver, brass, and red copper. Norigae ornamented women with natural materials and shapes, and her brooch conveys natural beauty in a simple and straightforward manner.