Sulwhasoo’s special wrapping service with utmost devotion toward its customers

The wrapping service zone at the 2nd floor of the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store provides Ji Ham Bo Packaging Service, which means ‘a box and cloth containing wisdom.’ The wrapping service is mainly classified as a free or a paid type of service. The free wrapping service consists of the basic wrapping service with a special bag and box. The signature amber color of Sulwhasoo is used as the theme color, and is combined with a ribbon decoration inspired by the Hanbok ties and Sulwhasoo’s original patterns. The charged service is delivered with the dedication and quality that is suitable for special occasions, such as when wrapping holiday gifts or wedding gifts. The wrapping cloth that reflects Korea’s original aesthetics has always represented devotion and special blessings. A beautiful wrapping cloth is used to wrap Ji Ham Bo, and it can be re-used in different ways, thus it is more environmentally-friendly than any other wrapping materials. Therefore, the pleasure of receiving such a valuable gift that is beautifully wrapped will go a long way. Since April, the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store has offered a wrapping service inspired by the light of a lantern-- wisdom that lits up beauty--to all customers who purchase the ‘Lantern’ collection, in celebration of its 1st Anniversary. The recipient of your gift will certainly be delighted as seeing the moonlight as they undo the knots on the elegant and graceful wrapping cloth.