Shining on the beautiful hands of women

Rings that have been crafted during the Joseon Dynasty are decorated with pearls and red gemstones. The part that holds the gemstone has ㅅ-shaped comb patterns, as there are six petals within the hexagon. The diagonally intersected comb patterns are added to the center with blue enamel on both ends as additional embellishments. The exquisite plating enhances the rings’ sophisticated style and elegance. There were single bands and rings worn in pairs. Rings in pairs were mostly worn by married women. Single bands were popular until the Age of the Three Empires; however, the rings worn in pairs were further enjoyed after the Joseon Dynasty. The types of materials used varied according to social class. The higher class people preferred jade, while the commoners used silver or white bronze with simple bat patterns. The materials that were used also varied according to season. In <Sasaekboksaekjajangyoram> (a note written in Gungche font by Gyeongbin Gim, who was a concubine of the 24th King Heonjong, in her domicile at Sunhwagung Palace), Gyeongbin Gim wore gold rings during winter, blue rings during spring and fall, and jade and agate rings during summer.