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ShineClassic Powder Compact
ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact
Essential Lip Serum Stick
Perfecting Cushion Intense(SPF50+/PA+++)

Sulwhasoo Makeup
Since 2003, Sulwhasoo has been consistently releasing its ShineClassic makeup series with designs that are inspired by traditional Korean patterns, materials, and techniques. This year, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Sulwhasoo ShineClassic makeup, it has reproduced the elegant and dignified beauty of Jinjunang, the colorful and elaborately ornamented fragrance pockets of traditional women. The modernly reinterpreted Jinjunang is complete with a touch of handicraft for the plum blossom patterns that represent beauty with elegance and prestige. The exquisitely carved golden metallic decoration reflects the golden threads of Jinjunang to maximize the long-lasting quality and modernity of ShineClassic makeup, while a number of pearls onto the golden threads one by one add to the delicacy of Jinjunang. The plum blossom design is also applied inside to raise the value and significance of the ShineClassic makeup limited edition. ShineClassic Powder Compact finishes the make up with a delicate and clear look, while ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact creates a bright and lively look. Also, Perfecting Cushion Intense and Essential Lip Serum Stick are must-have makeup items from Sulwhasoo. Discover the secret of beauty with elegance and prestige with Sulwhasoo makeup products.