A few secrets on staying young-looking

Apricot cheeks on resilient and radiant skin, sparkling eyes and red lips. Taking into consideration the conditions for beauty around the world, most of them are related to youth. In other words, youth is an essential condition for beauty. But all living things are born to grow and gradually lose its radiance after hitting the climax of beauty. No one can avoid this law of nature. Therefore, longing for eternal youth and beauty is a challenge towards impossibility. Craving for unrealizable dream. Since it is not possible to look young forever, youth and beauty is an invaluable moment.
Women in the Joseon Dynasty also had the various efforts to maintain their youthful skin. It is natural for your skin to gain wrinkles as you aged. It is as natural as the age rings of trees. However, everyone would like to defy wrinkles as long as possible.

People from the past thought that wrinkles are formed when the skin’s radiance and resilience fade away as their body loses its youthful energy <Donguibogam> ‘Appearance’ section refers to the weakness of the lungs as a cause of wrinkles. The skin is a kind of a respiratory organ on the surface of the human body, which is directly related to the lungs. As lungs lose energy, it does not provide fluid anymore, and finally your skin gets damaged. <Donguibogam> suggests supplying fluids to dry skin as a way to restore damaged skin. Palmultang is a formula, and it is composed of ginseng, white atractylis, Poria cocos, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Rehmannia glutinosa, Paeonia japonica, Cnidium officinale root and Angelica gigas. This is the combination of Sagunjatang that replenishes the energy lost, and Samultang that supplies blood to refine the skin that has lost its resilience due to lack of energy and blood.
Ancestors also knew that stress and fatigue were the causes of aging. They believed that anger must be managed to have beautiful skin, so they worked to maintain inner peace. Also, they tried to sleep well at night with proper skincare. Most folk therapies were performed before going to bed. They finely ground the roots of Trichosanthes cucumeroides, mixed it with deeply boiled foxtail millet porridge and applied it on their faces before going to bed. Doing this for 100 days would refine the face, and correct the appearance of wrinkles. Simmering pig’s feet to create a kind of starch to be applied at night and rinsed off in the morning was equivalent to today’s functional collagen mask. Other natural ingredients were used for fine skin, such as chestnut peel, rice bran, and safflower. It has been scientifically proven that the skin actively regenerates at night, and that the aforementioned natural ingredients contain antioxidants to defy aging. The wisdom of traditional people discovered the truth ahead of science.