For skin that is as radiant and smooth as a spring days

As the saying goes, “The spring sunshine is for the daughter-in-law, while the autumn sunshine is for the daughter.” Another proverb says, “Even your loved-one won’t recognize you if you are tanned by the spring sunshine.” It seems that people are reluctant to be tanned by the warm sunshine in the spring. Isn’t there any way to refine your skin and protect it from age spots or roughness caused by UV rays in the spring?
In the palace, women used apricot seeds to maintain their skin tone brighter and clearer upon detecting age spots. They mixed finely ground apricot seeds with honey and egg whites to make the rich texture, and applied it on their face. When the mask dried, they rinsed it off with water. Also, they would apply the mixture of egg whites and apricot seeds before going to sleep and rinse it off the next morning to lighten the age spots. Apricot seeds are rich in lycopene to combat wrinkles and aging and allow the blood to circulate properly to remove any darkness or blemishes on the face

According to <Donguibogam>, lead oxide or mung beans in Korean medicine can also be ground finely and mixed with milk before applying it at bedtime to achieve the same effect. Also, pickled eggs have been a secret regimen against age spots for a long time. Unpeeled eggs can be dipped in vinegar and sealed for maturation for about a week. As the egg shells melt away, the thin layer on top can be removed to allow the remaining vinegar to mix with the eggs. People in old days used to keep this in cold storage and drink about half of a shot glass a day or apply only a white of egg directly on the freckle. For skincare in the spring, thorough cleansing is the top priority of every woman. Since soap was quite rare back then, women cleansed their faces with mung beans or with the water used in washing rice. In particular, mung beans are effective for detoxifying agents, thus removing impurities and brightening one’s complexion. Mix three parts mung bean powder with two parts water for cleansing. Gently massage your face to scrub off dead skin cells with the powder particles, and rinse with lukewarm water. If you are wearing makeup, remove makeup first before proceeding. The amino acids and the saponin in the mung beans remove dead skin cells and blemishes, and replenish your skin with nourishment.
In the olden times, wise people believed that the skin is the window to your health. You have to be healthy inside, not just beautiful on the surface. Have sufficient seasonal ingredients to strengthen your body, and engage in regular exercises and enough rest. Spring greens, such as shepherd’s purse, new sprouts of exalted angelica trees, and toothed daisy, are rich in Vitamin C and minerals to boost your metabolism and keep your skin clear. However, the best way to keep your skin and mind healthy is to have an open mind to greet and enjoy the spring season.