Berlin & Paris

It is actually great to spend your summer vacation in the heart of a busy city. It is nice to go out to see beautiful nature, but it is also wonderful to take advantage of the perfect infrastructure that provides leisure and cultural pleasure. If you want to pick a city for this summer vacation, Berlin would be a very interesting choice. Berlin has overcome the tragic history of division between East and West Germany, as it has been transformed into a city of sparkling art and culture blended with classical architecture. The main attractions in the city, including the Berliner Dom, the Holocaust Memorial, the Victory Tower, and the red City Hall building, are reflections of the city’s determination to remember the meaning of its history. If you ride a ferry along the Spree River that flows from the southeast to the northwest through the center of Berlin, you could see the major destinations in the city at a glance. Badeschiff in Berlin, a super-sized swimming pool by the Spree River, is a special spot where many Berliners spend their summer. It was built after renovating the containers of a cargo ship that used to travel up and down the river, and it has been the most beloved swimming pool since 2004. The natural-looking, artificial sand beach is full of people enjoying the sun on sun beds. The pool is leveled along the river, so it feels as if you are swimming in the river. Lean by the pool-side bar to see the open view of Berlin in the day, and enjoy exciting concerts at night. Badeschiff in the middle of the summer is delightful with the night view of the beautiful Spree River. It is a perfect vacation destination though there is no sea nearby, and you are not in the countryside.

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You could also enjoy the sentiments of spending time in a beach in the heart of Paris. In July and August, Paris creates an artificial beach by the Seine River called ‘Paris-Plages.’ This is Paris’s biggest summer event for Parisians who cannot go on a vacation for some reason, and tourists who come to Paris during the vacation season when most shops are closed. It has been loved by the people of Paris since 2002, and has grown in size every year. Over 5,000 tons of sand covers the road, and the tropical beach is complete with palm trees and parasols. Parisians and tourists from all around the world enjoy the sun in the heart of the city every summer. A temporary library is open at no charge, so it feels just like a resort. Paris has an unending chain of festivals throughout the summer. There is a fantastic night fountain festival at the Garden of Versailles that features a colorful water fountain and fireworks choreographed to Baroque music.