To brighten the skin up like the brilliant sun in the summer

Summer is the season of supplementation. Fresh ingredients in season and different kinds of healthy food could relieve tiredness caused by sweltering weather. Summer is the time you become weak in health, however, it is also the best time to refine and strengthen your health at the same moment. Since you could lose energy easily in summer, the skin faces grave danger. Strong UV rays cause aging, while the scorching heat enlarges the pores. Also, the cool air from air-conditioners makes the skin dry, and lowers the body temperature suddenly which disturbs the natural circulation of heat and breaks the body balance. A number of old references on medicine, including , noted that the body heat is very closely related to the skin. Heat takes the moisture away from the skin which is necessary to maintain its firmness and discharge impurities from the skin. This is why the skin becomes dry and heated when the body temperature rises. Pores will enlarge to discharge heat, making your skin sag. Also, blood clots and residues generated by heat could block blood circulation, making the skin lacks nourishment and loses its repair capacity.

In summer, it is particularly important to boost circulation as the hot temperature easily stays on your head and face. Luffa aegyptiaca and potatoes in summer season have been used for a long time to cool the heat. The Chinese old references on medicine, <Bonchogangmokseubyu> and <Bonchojongsin>, say that “Luffa Aegyptiaca has a cooling effect on the body which is good for detoxification”. Using the juice from Luffa Aegyptiaca as toner will cool down and replenish the skin with moisture. Potatoes are also great for soothing the skin when it has been irritated by sun exposure. Moreover, the alkaline contents, Vitamin C, and potassium in potatoes purify the skin, and help with skin whitening. It is a popular folk remedy to apply the juice from fresh potato when you have burns. Do not forget to supply enough nourishment after your skin has been cooled and soothed. <Donguibogam> particularly mentions pearls as a skincare ingredient by saying “grind the pearls, mix them with milk and apply regularly”, which are effective for brightening and removing freckles and dots due to prolonged sun exposure. In oriental medicine, Liriope Platyphylla and Asparagus Cochinchinensis are widely used in skin treatment. They are known to strengthen the lungs for a healthier body and radiant skin. Sun Je Lee, the doctor of King Danjong, said Asparagus Cochinchinensis “turns back the clock to defy aging.” Other natural ingredients that energize rough skin and brighten the complexion include apricot seed oil, perilla seed oil, and Rubus Coreanus. A healthy diet for your body and mind with devoted care are the most ideal pathways to beauty.